Friday, October 8, 2010

31 Days of Panic!

Foto Frenzy Presents: House on Haunted Hill  (Allied Artists, 1959)

I like a lot of William Castle's movies. I think this is my favorite.

The Man. Vincent Price. Here he plays Frederick Loren, who rents a haunted
house for one of his wife's crazy parties. Only maybe his agenda goes deeper
than that...

The simplest of plots: spend a night in a haunted house, take home $10,000.  And look,
in addition to Vincent Price, you get Elisha Cook, Jr and Richard Long too!

No one has ever hated my caption font more.


Okay boys, she criticized the blog. Get her!

Mrs. Dunworthy never tired of telling the story of the time she bumped into
Brigitte Nielsen. Her punchline was always the same: "Them puppies are real!"
Young Trixie is delighted and amused at the aging raconteur.

My old buddy Renee Zellweger pops in for a cameo!
 I don't know who that woman on the left is...

Vincent Price took his kite flying VERY seriously.

This movie has fallen into the public domain and so can be found on any number of bargain DVDs, usually for a buck. I can't guarantee you'll get a pristine transfer, and the print might be kind of beat up; but I think the scratches and pops add to the charm, and what do you want for a dollar? Blu-Ray with commentary? In any case, that means there's no reason not to see this flick this Halloween season, so check it out!

Til next we meet, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!

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