Friday, November 11, 2011

Saturday Night at the Movies 11/12/11!

Who cares what picture we see?

I have it on good authority that Geoffrey Palmer does, and since this is...

LGOOH's 300th Post!

...and the week the next Bond film (Skyfall - due out 11/9/12) started production - we're going with this one:

Pierce Brosnan doesn't get a whole lot of love from the online 007 fan community - but I thought he was just fine, and this is my favorite of his four Bond adventures.

I have this one in the video vault several times - of course I have the fully loaded Ultimate Edition DVD - no Blu-Ray release yet - but I also have a cool VHS special edition box set of just this one movie. I also have the first version I bought on Digital Versatile Disc - it was in fact the very first DVD I ever purchased - before I even owned a DVD player!

But this edition - trumped in special features by the later release - will never be jettisoned from the video vault for one very special reason...

I worked with Teri Hatcher on an independent movie in 2001 and she signed my copy!

So, if you want to watch this one with me, I could probably have at least one in hand within 10 seconds - even tonight - should you decide to visit!

Until next post, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. Loving the Bond vibe. My fave is Sean Connery, of course. Of the replacement Bonds, Timothy Dalton excelled. I still remember the scene in The Living Daylights where he and the beautiful girl were sledding down a snowy slope in cello case!

  2. Luana - I love the cello case scene! I'm a fan of all the Bonds - actually celebrating my 30th anniversary of being a Superfan this year!

  3. Congratualtions on your 30th anniversary. Do you have a Superfan membership card or something?