Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nine Days of the Ninja: Day Two!

My blog chum Steve Miller over at Cinema Steve conceived a great Blogfest, and I am proud to be participating in it:

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And we're off!

Off to visit The Video Vault of Mora Tau, that is!

Let's take a look at some fabulous Ninja action, courtesy the legendary Sho Kosugi and a clip from his host segments for Transworld Video's "Sho Kosugi's Ninja Theater" VHS movie series. Our host didn't appear in the movies (at least most of them) but simply provided a fast and fun intro and outro, much like the "Sybil Danning's Adventure Video" series from the same company.

And because my great love of ninjas was founded during the 80's - when ninjas were all the rage - here are the opening credits to the NBC series The Master - which was kind of like Hardcastle and McCormick with throwing stars. You'll see a familiar face in there too, if you watched clip one.

And here's a clip with some crazy ninja action - wish I could tell you where it comes from, but honestly, I have no idea what this movie is. But it does show how ninjas will spring up from nowhere and stop at nothing to conquer their opponents - including wearing roller skates like deadly deadly carhops!

And with that I take my leave of you. Please make yourself at home, look around all you want! Until next post, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. These clips are great! You have to love Dick Van Patten's son as a ninja warrior and badass Lee Van Cleaf as The Master. It's like White Shadow, but with ninjas.

  2. I love those roller-ninjas! And never has "borrowed" music been used to greater effect. Who knew that Mike Oldfield's "Ommadawn" would go so well with ninja action. :D