Monday, April 4, 2011

The April 2011 A - Z Blogging Challenge - C is for Crazy Movie Posters!

It's Maniacal Movie Poster Monday!

And since this post comes on day three (skipping Sundays) of the April 2011 A - Z Blogging Challenge, we're going with film titles starting with the letter C! That means:

C is for Crazy Movie Posters!

The Crater Lake Monster  (Crown International, 1977)

I have always been a sucker for stop motion dinosaur movies, so this one has been on my radar now for literally decades, but I've still not seen it - but it has been added to the Video Vault - I just haven't watched it yet.

Carry On Sergeant  (Anglo-Amalgamated Film Distributors, 1958)

This is a great poster for several reasons. This film kicked off a very popular series of Carry On movies in Great Britain, totalling thirty (!) flicks from 1958-1978. The series came back for one more in 1992, and there have been noises of another go at a Carry On film this century, although that has quieted with the passing of the producer, Peter Rogers in 2009. The top billed actor, William Hartnell, pictured on the poster, went on to play the first Doctor Who.

Cool Breeze  (MGM, 1972)

I haven't seen this Blaxploitation remake of The Asphalt Jungle - but I want to - it's got a great cast, Roger Corman's brother Gene in the producer chair, and a knockout poster!

And that will complete our "C" voyage. Til next post, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. I knew I recognized the face in the Carry On poster! Ah, the Doctor...

    The Crater Lake Monster poster actually looks very cool.

    Say, do you remember a movie--probably a late 60s/early 70s flick--where this kid loves dinosaurs, he's always playing with his plastic dino figures, and then some REAL dinosaurs invade his town? And I think one of the dinosaurs he really likes saves him from another, less friendly dinosaur.

    Or maybe it was just a bad dream.

    Finally, a nice addition to your C-film crazy poster collection: Cannonball Run. Wacky film with a poster to suit it.

    Looking forward to D-Tuesday!

  2. I'm a fan of classic movie posters. I've never seen these. They are amazing.

  3. Joe - yes, apparently just as Bo Hopkins played every Southern sheriff not played by Claude Akins here in America - it was inconceivable in the 1950's in Great Britain to cast ANYONE other than William Hartnell as an army sergeant. Until he got his doctorate a few years later, that is... Two reasons I didn't go with The Cannonball Run - I didn't want to post two Bond detailed posts in a row - and that poster just showed up a couple of weeks ago when TCR was picked for the Saturday Night at the Movies post.

    Luana - I love the classic posters too - especially for strange or obscure movies that might have only played a few drive-ins before fading away. Thanks to the internet, such films and their advertising materials, have a new home in cyberspace!

  4. ...actually my worst nightmare was getting an F on English, but okay a T-Rex would do...i think...

  5. I would give you a much higher grade for your English - as long as you never grade me on Filipino...the poster for The Crater Lake Monster is really a very cool piece - the movie is not quite up to it, actually. Cheers!