Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Let's Get Out of Here! wishes you all a crazy mad
Happy Halloween!

I started my October 31st with the last run of horror programming that started on October 1st.  I have some crappy cellphone shots from the movies.

First up - 1977's Spawn of the Slithis

Second was 2008's Trailer Park of Terror

Next up a random Halloween shot I saw today that made me smile -

Then some lunch where the waitresses come to work in costume - ahh, Jasmine...

And how 'bout that shirt I'm sporting? Yes, I am in this picture.

A stop at my favorite used DVD store - Moviestop - added some new flicks to the video vault - including Zombie on Blu-Ray! Huzzah!

Then it was back to the film festival:

2008's Midnight Movie.
Then I saw another cool Halloweeny photo I liked:


2011's Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt was next.

Then another funny photo:

What was really funny is this was posted with the caption:
"Jason Voorhees gets really thirsty." Which led to someone
adding the comment "Look at Leatherface eating that Pepsi."
So of course I added "Wow, Pinhead is smashing that Dew."
Mysteriously, the picture disappeared moments later.

Next up was some dinner, and although I didn't think I would be this year, after dinner I pulled out a butcher knife worthy of Michael Myers and made this happen:

Camera flash off...

Camera flash on...

Finally, I settled in with the last movie of the month's all horror-fest:

2010's The Wolfman.

We didn't get a lot of trick-or-treaters - I'd say 15-18 kids across 6 or 7 groups. I have scads of candy left over.

We finished out Halloween night dropping by my buddy Ray's house for a moment to see his terrific scary setup all over his yard and in the windows of his two story house. This includes at least three skeletons, two full size figures, a coffin, a fog machine, lights, and Ray himself, decked out in a creepy caped Ghoul Man getup that must be pretty effective when he looms out of the dark at you as you approach his house. Here's a couple of pics of what he had up in his yard:

And here is the whole list of everything I watched all month:

2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams

The Horrible Dr. Bones

Tales from the Crypt: "Til Death"



Thriller: "The Twisted Image"

The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll


Heroes of Horror: Lon Chaney Jr.

Zombies vs Strippers

A Cabin in the Woods  (repeat view)


She-Wolf of London

Tales from the Crypt: "Three's a Crowd"

Stephen King's The Night Flier  (repeat view)

The Hills Run Red

Dead Man's Eyes  (repeat view)

Thriller: "Child's Play"


The Killer Eye

Frankenstein  (repeat view)

Bride of Frankenstein  (repeat view)

Halloween (1978)  (repeat view)

Halloween II (1981)  (repeat view)

Waxwork  (repeat view)

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein  (repeat view)

Halloween III: Season of the Witch  (repeat view)

Dawn of the Dead (1978)  (repeat view)

Amusement  (repeat view)

Dead and Buried  (1981)  (repeat view)

Bikini Bloodbath
Hatchet II  (repeat view)

Blood Cult

From a Whisper to a Scream  (repeat view)

Two Thousand Maniacs  (repeat view)


Tales from the Crypt: "The Thing from the Grave"

Creepshow 3

Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust

Wicked Lake

The Pack  (repeat view)

Mr. Sardonicus  (repeat view)

Spawn of the Slithis

Trailer Park of Terror

Midnight Movie

Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt

The Wolfman (2010)

41 movies (15 repeat viewings), 6 TV episodes. Not too shabby. I also read only horror - a few books, and some House of Mystery comics.

It feels weird not needing to have a post ready for tomorrow - I think I'll take a day or two off - probably next posting Saturday with a poster/trailer combo as usual.

Until then, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. Happy Halloween! Looks like you had a spooktacular month of fun. I am glad you finished with The Wolfman. I LOVED that film! She-wolf of London?! Good golly Miss Molly that is the worst werewolf flick ever made. Not a werewolf in sight LOL

    1. Happy Halloween M to the B! It was a lot of fun! The Wolfman was good - there was a lot of activity in the room - I had the captions on - so I'll need to see it again one day in peace and quiet. Do you prefer the shorter theatrical cut, or the longer unrated one? (I watched the unrated). And you are spot on re: She-Wolf of London. Don't promise me a werewolf and give me a psycho killer! Damn!

    2. definitely the longer unrated version of The Wolfman, which I own courtesy of a b-day present from my mom, who indulges my horror side once a year. LOL

      I know! How can you label something a werewolf film then not provide me with a werewolf? No fair!

  2. Woot woot! One helluva Halloween round-up!
    Love the pic with you and the waitress, the Stooges Halloween pic is adorable, and that pic with Freddy Krueger slugging some Dr. Pepper is really cool ;-D

    Nice to see some "Midnight-Movie"-awesomeness at the Edwards-house. Did you see the original or the Killer Cut?

    Also, your pumpkin looks really cute, and the skeletons at your friend's house are simply badass

    Happy belated Halloween to you and your family!

    1. Woot woot back atcha Harry! She is a cutie, isn't she? I'll have to show you what they wear there when it isn't Halloween one of these days - you may then understand why it's my favorite place to eat out... Ha! Freddy! I have a Blu-Ray - seems to be original - what is different about the Killer Cut? Thanks for the kind words about my carving skills - I should have taken more pictures of Ray's stuff - his setup is amazing!

      Happy Halloween to you, pal - 364 days early!

    2. Oh yeah, a real cutie and a wonderful place to "eat out" mwahaha!! :D

      Director Jack Messitt has send me a DVD of the Killer Cut last year. IMO it's better than the original.
      Here's my super-mega-extensive review:

  3. Happy Halloween, Hollywood man~! Awesome you picked Midnight Movie and Trailer Park of terror in your Halloween viewing~! Good ole slasher horror at it's finest and cheesiest~!

    1. Happy Halloween, Mr. K! I enjoyed both of those movies indeed - reviews might be forthcoming!