Monday, October 1, 2012

Maniacal Movie Poster Monday #88!

Here we go again! Welcome to October 2012 and

Let's Get Out of Here's! Third Annual Halloween Horrorfest!

31 straight days of horror themed posts - with all the usual departments, maybe a repeat or two - and hopefully a lot of fun!

As October 1st has fallen on a Monday - we're kicking off this shindig with the 88th edition of Maniacal Movie Poster Monday - and we'll make it a theme week!

Let's do a threefer - with the one, the only:

Halloween  (Compass International, 1978)

Three foreign posters - how did those in other lands promote John Carpenter's classic when it came to play?


Apparently the title of a movie and a few actor names are all you need to sell a movie in the country formerly known as Yugoslavia. I mean - regarding everything above the title - what the hell is that?

Great Britain

I do love the British Quad format. This one is interesting - making Carpenter's name the largest font; a different tagline; and most importantly - the spoiler revelation that Michael Myers kills by firing a death ray out of his hands!


And then there's the Japanese. What appears to be minimal writing (but could be whole encyclopedias, considering how much I know about Japanese writing) and a big picture of Michael Myers front and center with features so outlandishly Westernized he looks more like Jo Jo the Dog Faced Boy than William Shatner. Still, it must have worked, as I know the movie was a huge hit over there!

Until tomorrow - you Can Poke Me With A Butcher Knife, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. Can't wait till crazy movie weekend. The Halloween ones are always the best.

    1. The biggest horror in October for me is the fear something will derail the CMW.

  2. Loved these posters! Hallowenn and Michael Myers are two of my favorite things ever. I'm planning to watch ol Mikey this weekend. Just wanted to drop by while I have some time and say hi,my friend. Here's to a rockin's month of horror. :)

    1. I have a couple of Halloween movies programmed in to the Crazy Movie Weekend - and by the way - thanks very much - I know your online time is limited - so spending some with me and LGOOH - is VERY much appreciated, buddy.

  3. UK & Japan look absolutely awesome, haven't seen these artworks before. The one from Yugo is a bit lame.