Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Night at the Movies 11/3/12!

Who cares what picture we see?

Geoffrey Holder undoubtedly does - so we're going to celebrate the impending release of Skyfall in six days with this one:

I always liked this entry in the series - Roger Moore's first - right from my first viewing on ABC TV. I think having a strong familiarity with the kickass theme song by Paul McCartney and Wings helped. I also like that for the first (and only, and only needed) time - there's a flirtation with the supernatural, as ol' Baron Samedi pulls off some spooky stuff, and then there's that remarkable young woman with the deck of cards...

Let's really jump on the Bond Wagon with some extras, too:

Here's a radio trailer for the movie - remember when they used to promote movies on the radio? I think this might be the best 007 radio spot ever...

There is a Tarot card deck that features prominently in the movie - and it is a deck especially designed for the movie by artist Fergus Hall - here are what the cards look like:

Here's the front and back - note the stylized "007" on the back.

More of the cards than we see in the movie.

Here's a card deck tie-in sold in stores at the time of release. I have not managed to track down the cards,
but I do have a copy of the instruction book.

Of course, Live and Let Die resides in the video vault on a pristine Blu-Ray as part of the Bond 50 set - so it stands ready for a Hi-Def screening at any time - even tonight, if you want to come over and hang!

Until next post, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. Love this movie and Jane Seymour is one of the loveliest Bond Girls ever. She will always be Solitaire and Serena from the original BSG to me.

    Did not know the deck was real. Thought they just used a generic Ryder Waite deck.

    1. I think you nicely summed up Jane Seymour's resume for me, too! Dr. Qui-who?

      That Tarot design is awesome - supposedly Mr. Hall designed the figures on the cards to resemble Roger Moore and Ms. Seymour - but I have to admit - I don't see it?

  2. A Bond Tarot Deck? Sweet! I've seen Live And Let Die a looong time ago, but unfortunately, the only thing I remember is the badass title song.