Sunday, October 28, 2012

Exploding Beef!

Abominable  (Red Circle Productions, 2006)

Before the Camera:

Matt McCoy  (Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach)
Haley Joel  (Crash Landing)
Christien Tinsley  (Felon)
Tiffany Shepis  (Dark Reel)
Rex Linn  (Rush Hour)
Karin Anna Cheung  (The Trap)
Paul Gleason  (The Breakfast Club)
Jeffrey Combs  (Re-Animator)
Dee Wallace Stone  (The Howling)
Natalie Compagno  (Life Happens)
Michael Deak  (Bad Channels)
Lance Henriksen  (Stone Cold)
Ziegler Dane

Behind the Camera:

Directed by Ryan Schifrin

Produced by Donna Cockrell, Theresa Eastman Schifrin, Paul Spadone, and Duane Trow

Written by Ryan Schifrin
Story by Ryan Schifrin and James Morrison

Here’s a horror effort that on the surface seems like a standard issue Syuh Fyuh Creature Feature mixed with Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window. Preston Rogers (McCoy) had a terrible accident six months ago – a fall while climbing Suicide Rock left him a paralyzed widower in one fell swoop. Now he’s been sent back to the area by his health care professionals so that he can get past the terrible events and find his will to live again. They probably also want him to think about the wisdom of climbing something called Suicide Rock, although that’s not brought out in the story. But I was sure thinking it. Preston is now confined to a wheelchair, and he’s accompanied by a physical therapist/assistant named Otis (Tinsley), a semi-sadistic jackwagon not looking out for Preston’s best interests. While these two gentlemen square off in their house – next door a quartet of lovely young women arrive for a weekend getaway.

Preston starts watching the girls – mostly innocently – just something to do – but as night comes on he starts to realize he’s not the only pair of eyes watching their house – there’s something else out there. Something big. Something furry. Something vicious. After one of the girls disappears, Preston is forced into the role of hero. But how much can one man do stuck in a wheelchair in the Great Outdoors?

That's not Avon calling...

I assumed going in that this was going to be a fairly dreary affair – poor acting; too much talk; and a chintzy CGI creature. I was surprised and delighted when instead it turned out that a fine cast with several familiar faces sparks some solid monster action – and best of all – that monster is a man in a nicely designed creature costume! McCoy leads the cast with a solid performance, utilizing the actor’s likability and sensitive side in good measures. The rest of the lesser known cast are fine - with Haley Joel standing out - but it's the veterans who give this some fun and some oomph - especially Combs - nearly unrecognizable in white trash mode - and Gleason - terrific spoofing his iconic Breakfast Club character in one of his final roles.

Matt McCoy tries to call in his Police Academy pals...

Director Schifrin is the son of super composer Lalo Schifrin - and brings an obvious love for this kind of movie to the table - he handles everything well - suspense, scares, some humor, a little gore - and he got his pop to provide a really nice score - had this been your run of the mill Syuh Fyuh flick it would have been a synthesizer or some death metal - the old school stuff from Schifrin senior is therefore most welcome. Co-star Tinsley is really good playing his jackwagon role - surprising then that he also worked behind the scenes as the lead special effects makeup artist, designing the creature and the really well done practical and graphic effects when it attacks.

If you like a good old creature on the loose flick - but have been numbed by all the computer generated versions lumbering around on cable - here's one that does it like they used to do it - and does it well. A high recommendation for this one - check it out!

Let's Get Out of Here ?

At around 1:24:51 Matt McCoy thinks the movie is over.

Eye Candy ?

Haley Joel

Tiffany Shepis and Haley Joel

Tiffany Shepis

Haley Joel and Tiffany Shepis are in! Welcome to the list, ladies!

Buddha Man's Capsule Review

Buddha Man says: "Abominable is anything but!"

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  1. I knew you would enjoys this! Excellent review and I can't wait for Buddha Man. That creature was great. Loved that it was an actual person and not some CGI thing they spend hours trying to make blend with the set.

    Tinsley was a jackwagon wasn't he? Wonder what agency he came from and who the eff recommended him to poor Matt. LOL Thanks for the cool behind the scenes info. Will make my next viewing all the more enjoyable.

    1. Thanks buddy - you were right on with this one - surprising to me this one didn't get more notice when it first came out - but I think a lot of people just assumed CGI Syuh Fyuh and skipped it. Their loss - good movie! The rest of the post will be there sometime tomorrow!

  2. I want to bugger Tiffany Shepis.