Saturday, April 9, 2011

The April 2011 A - Z Blogging Challenge - H is for The Howling!

Saturday Night at the Movies! 4/9/11

Who cares what picture we see?

Slim Pickens does...and it's no entertainment slim pickins when...

H is for The Howling!

Okay, that trailer has some spoiler action going on - but we're talking about a thirty year old movie, and that's the trailer they were selling the movie with back in the day - so there you go! It's a truly wonderful frightflick with a love for the genre and the classics that came before - and it has a sterling cast too. Of the two werewolf movies that came out close together around this time - the other not even getting a namecheck here (that's what the internet is for, after all!) - this is my pick. The other movie does hold a special place in my heart - it was the movie I took my first date to see - yes, I knew how to wow the women even then - but this movie is the one I'll watch anytime - like maybe tonight, if you care to come over...anyone know if the moon's full tonight...? *gulp*

Til next time we meet, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. I had no idea Slim Pickens was in The Howling! To me, he will forever be the chap who straddled the bomb, hat in hand.

    Werewolves were always my favorite movie monsters. I think I liked them best because they were often victims, as well as predators, and so a little tortured. A little more human, I suppose.

    Now you've got me yearning for Universal flicks!

    h: Here & Hereafter

  2. Deirdra - thanks very much!

    Joe - Slim is the county Sheriff, if memory serves - one of his last projects. Werewolves are cool - and I liked them best when people or animatronics played them - as opposed to pixels and CGItronics. So the classics are my faves too - Universal is always a welcome choice here - and there are a couple of Wolf Man clips in The Howling - including one after the end credits!

  3. Pass the popcorn; Sounds like fun!

  4. I haven't seen the howling. It sounds like something I would like NOW. When it first came out I think it would have freaked me out....

  5. Ella - popcorn's always ready - thank heavens for microwaves! ;)

    Sharon - it's out on a good special edition DVD - well worth a watch!

  6. I think I remember when The Howling came out. But the trailer didn't look familiar at all. I guess my memory is shot. :)

  7. Jennifer - totally understand that! And I'm with you on the trailer - not that familiar - I probably saw more short TV spots for it at the time. Thanks for stopping by, Jennifer!