Monday, January 30, 2012

Maniacal Movie Poster Monday #54!

King Solomon's Mines  (Cannon, 1985)

Ah! Some blissfully awful 80's cheese here - this is Cannon's answer to Indiana Jones - which they didn't get out until after Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. The high quality of the movie extends all the way to the poster - look how everyone on it looks like themselves - except for poor ol' Sharon Stone...

Old Dracula  (American International, 1975)

Filmed in England as Vampira the previous year, this rather tepid comedy was grabbed up by AIP and had this title slapped on to make North American audiences think it might be a sequel to Young Frankenstein. I don't think it did all that well, which is why 1975's Legend of the Werewolf was not brought over in 1976 and given the title "Middle Aged Wolfman."

Glen or Glenda?  (Screen Classics II, 1953)

Ed Wood's heartfelt expose of life as a transvestite has been perceived as a "so bad it's good" masterpiece for decades. And it can certainly still be enjoyed that way. But more and more people reviewing this movie are finding that maybe, just maybe, Ed knew a little more about what he was doing than people have given him credit for. To these reviewers, Ed's use of stock footage and symbolism, and his casting of Bela Lugosi as a representation of some higher power are actually positives and the movie can be seen as having many deep layers worthy of study. Regardless of which way you think of this movie, I think we can all agree on one thing:

Ed Wood made a spectacularly unattractive woman.

Sorry, Ed.

Until next time we meet, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here.


  1. Old vampire! Lol that's great. They even had the font right.

  2. Old Dracula...LMAO I had forgotten about this one. What a campy cheesefest. Poor David Niven, from Oscar nominee to the D movie list. Awww... You gotta eat when you're old though. ;)

    You're right about Sharon not looking like herself on that poster. It looks more like Loni Anderson or Judy Landers.

  3. Maurice - They did everything they could to pull that wool over the ocular orbs, for sure! Thanks for coming by!

    Melissa - yeah, saw that one in the theater as a little kid - had no clue what was going on - but what the hell? It kept me off the streets...that night...you're right on about the Sharon figure too - she DOES look like the lost Landers sister! Awesome! What drives me crazy about the Old Dracula poster is the positioning of the names Teresa Graves and Peter Bayliss, as I keep thinking I'm seeing that Peter Graves is in the movie - and I know he's not! LOL