Sunday, January 1, 2012


Welcome to 2012!

We'll kick off the new year at Let's Get Out of Here with a trip to the Video Vault of Mora Tau and some prime 007 video! But you know what? We won't use one frame from the official movie series!

Here's the opening "credits" to the James Bond video game Everything or Nothing. It features a song by Mya that to me at least rivals - if not bests - Madonna's Die Another Day and Alica Keys and Jack White's Another Way to Die. And check out the cast used in the game!

Let's keep to our Pierce Brosnan motif for clip #2; a Visa commercial with a good sense of 007 about it...

And let's step out for some spooferific fun with you know who and his theme song to the Leslie Nielsen flick Spy Hard:

And with that 2012 is off and running! Huzzah! Until next post, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. Happy New Year!! Great clips, although I must say that my fave Bond tunes are Goldfinger by Tina Turner and Live and Let Die by Paul McCartney and Wings. Did not like Madonna's nor this Mya tune. I also loved Duran Duran' View to A Kill and Carly Simon's Nobody Does It Better. I'm very old school and Roger Moore, I guess. ;)

  2. Mellie B! Yeah, I'm not putting this Mya tune up with the best of the Bond theme songs - but I was impressed as it was for a video game, and I do think it was better than the lackluster filmic efforts I mentioned. But for me - yeah, it's Live and Let Die, Goldfinger, all of Shirley Bassey's...hell, all of them except those two!

  3. Kaijinu - Yep - I prefer my Als to be either Weird or Bundy, so this works out for both of us! ;)