Monday, January 23, 2012

Maniacal Movie Poster Monday #53!

"So much of life, it seems to me, is determined by pure randomness." - Sidney Poitier

Just like this week's movie posters!

The Kindred  (Synapse Films, 1987)

I saw this one in the theater 25 years ago - not a terrible movie, kind of blah. Monsters, blood, and lots of goo, with Rod Steiger entering his latter day horror period and chewing the scenery in a very identifiable toupee.

Vanishing Point  (20th Century Fox, 1971)

This is a very cool early 70's car movie with an intriguing cast, and a wild plot - a guy named Kowalski is hired to drive a car from Denver Colorado to San Francisco California - and he decides to do it in a nearly impossible time. His full bore blast down the highway brings The Man down on him - first because he's speeding, and eventually because he's there. Existentialism joins Kowalski riding shotgun, and the movie becomes a cult classic.

I saw this one at the tender age of 4 at the drive-in with my parents. Despite that "GP" rating, the movie did feature a nude woman walking around in the desert - and I remember a hushed conversation going on in the front seat about whether or not to try to cover my eyes in the back seat. While that went on, I experienced my first movie nudity - and I still remember the scene all these years later. *sigh* Ah, memories.

It Came From Beneath the Sea  (Columbia Pictures, 1955)

An early Ray Harryhausen classic, this one pits the city of San Francisco against a giant octopus. Well, really, I should say quintopus, as the effects budget would only allow Ray to animate five tentacles on the beastie. But you've got Kenneth Tobey and Faith Domergue chasing the critter around in a submarine, with plenty of that fondly remembered (read: cheesy and embarrassing) mid 50's sexism thrown in as a bonus. But it is good fun, and highly recommended.

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  1. The Kindred is a damn cool 80s monster schlock that I really, really love. The weird watermelon scene is unforgettable :)

    I've seen 'It Came...' a looong time ago but don't remember much about it.

  2. I've always go a kick out of monsters that came from the sea wrecking havoc on land. Should't they be taking down cruise ships and ocean liners? Jist wondering. I mean, did the blog attack at sea?

  3. I am likin' the When Cephalopods Attack poster! It has a 1930s National Parks PSA quality to it. The copy could read, San Fran Bay: Discover Nature, As Nature Discovers You.

  4. Maynard - you know - I didn't remember The Kindred being all that much from my one viewing - but maybe I need to see it again and reassess...

    Stephen - You know, that's true - you would think if you heard a sea monster was attacking, you'd just stay a ways inland and be safe - but then the danged thing flops ashore and gets you anyway! Thanks for joining up! Don't be a stranger!

    Joe - I knew it was evoking something in the back of my mind - and you pegged it - it DOES look like those old posters!

  5. after hearing about it in that diner scene in Deathproof, I'm urging to see vanishing Point.

  6. Haven't seen either movie but can relate to the dilemma your parents faced with questionable content. My parents took us to see Billy Jack and it was embarrassing when my stepdad insisted we all walk out of theatre. I was 13 my brother was 11. Thank goodness it was dark.

  7. Kaijinu - I totally forgot that Vanishing Point got some verbal love in Deathproof! Yeah, if you can find it, give it a watch - then I guess email me a review, because I'm not sure it would fit Sticky Red! Cheers, mate!

    Luana - Wow - my parents actually had my brothers take me to see Billy Jack - so I'd shut up about wanting to see it - I think I obsessed over the TV commercials or something! My brothers hated having to do that, and I had no idea what was going on - but I liked the fighting.

  8. I LOVE vanishing Point. That movie and it's amazing white Challenger (pause as I fall to my knees in worship) are two reason I have a love of cars.

    I remember It Came from Beneath the Sea. What a film. Did not know that he only had the money for five tentacles. He worked magic nonetheless.

  9. Mel - yeah, Vanishing Point is one cult classic that totally lives up to its reputation! Mr. Harryhausen did work some magic - the stuff he did to pull off his illusions - by himself in a little studio - boggles the mind!