Friday, December 31, 2010

What have we learned in 2010?

As we end the year, I think it's time for a recap, or as the TV producers call it - a budget saving clip show!

What have we learned in 2010? And let's be clear, I mean in this blog, not in the world - I'm not much of a socio-politico-economico-Scott Baioco-Al Delvecchio-Pinocchio kind of guy. Let's see...

We learned that the Chief of Control is not who you want to leave unbilled, lest he curse you with the snaky-shadow-cam...

We learned that between big hair on Taxi and bad hair on Celebrity Rehab, you can direct movies that might play on Cinemax forever....

We learned that with the addition of one word, a sprawling Julie Andrews saga of singing and dancing becomes...

A sprawling space saga of romance and rebellion.

We learned that when the Tall Man wants to play ball...RUN.

We learned that sometimes I forget to put pictures in, like in the reviews for Return of Dr. X


It's Alive

We learned that even TV Guide was in on the "Monster of the Week" conspiracy against
Kolchak: The Night Stalker...

We learned that dressing Cassandra Peterson up in sexy clothes is not enough...you must let her talk!
We learned that I liked Junkin' with Val and Dave.
We learned that letting your capsule reviewer take the month of December off will get you some mighty strange Star Wars reviews...
We learned that Lucinda Dickey is back!
We learned that this picture makes nearly everyone who sees it burst out laughing...
And lastly we learned that you can never have too much Katheryn Winnick!
Thanks to everyone who dropped in to this blog, even for a second, in 2010, I hope your 2011 is amazingly wonderful and that you'll come back lots next year!
Oh, and you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!

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