Monday, December 6, 2010

Stew the Devil...A Daughter

Previously on Let's Get Out of Here:

Buddha Man is vacationing away the month of December spending quality Yule time with the family. We have run auditions for someone to cover for him while he's gone. And I figured what better way to announce the winner than folding that announcement into a big steaming bowl of Random Stew!

So we'll get to the Chosen One in a little bit, but first let's see what we can find to take a look at...

Maureen (Marcia Brady herself!) McCormick, Greg (Zapped!) Bradford, unidentified cutie,
Patrick Swayze rocking some pleather, and unidentified cutie on the set of Skatetown USA (1979)

If you even needed more evidence that the year 1979 might have been the greatest year in the whole history of...well, the whole history, look at that photo. Now savor these other Skatetown USA cast members: Flip Wilson, Scott Baio, Ron (Horshack himself!) Palillo, Ruth Buzzi, Billy Barty, Murray (The Unknown Comic) Langston, a divine quartet of comics from TV's Make Me Laugh (including Langston, Bill Kirchenbauer, Gary Mule Deer, and Vic Dunlop), Judy Landers, Joe E. (Car 54 Where Are You?) Ross, Sydney Lassick, and supposedly Dorothy Stratten. Hayzeus Marimba! (That's an exclamation I use a lot - not another obscure actor in the cast - sound it out) Wotta cast! And I'll tell you the saddest story of all: I'VE NEVER SEEN THIS MOVIE!!!

I haven't seen this one in a long time, but I always liked it when KPLR aired it
in the 70's.

I read this ad soooo many times back in the 70's. If $7.37 hadn't been pretty much
the contents of Fort Knox to me then, I might own this album still. I wonder how
much an Ebayed copy would set you back now? And while we're on the subject
of Stan Lee and cheesy rock music/comic book projects, I got all crazed over an
announced project of Stan's in the 90's - Nightcat - comic book vixen and rock
and roll goddess. I haunted my local comic book and record shops looking for
this thing for months - but I could never find it.

Here's the cover, should you see it at a flea market and want to buy it for me.
(and you'll need to find me a turntable too.)
Also, in the ad Stan shows the wrong front cover, and says it's "Reflections of
a Rock Superhero" but the album cover says "Rock Reflections of a Superhero."
Which is correct?!?!

And because Stan was bragging about the back cover, here it is.

And because I can't resist using the internet for research,
here's the comic for Nightcat.

Here's the single for club play.

And more. This really looks like it would have been just perfect for me.

Why doesn't anyone rush out propaganda movies like this for our nation's
current batch of enemies?

Man, before they went all comedy with him, Jaws was one scary mutha, wasn't he?

All right, it's the moment you've been waiting for - who is going to fill in for Buddha Man?

The coveted position goes to...

none other than...


Thanks to everyone who helped me reach this pinnacle in my career! Now let's
get some bananas and get into some trouble!

All right! We are all set to make December a great month in the blog! Til next post, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!