Monday, March 23, 2015

Maniacal Movie Poster Monday #208!

It's time for a...

Theme Week!

1 Movie, 3 Posters!

House of Wax  (Warner Bros., 1953)

I love this movie - but I love any old school 3-D movie where they worked overtime shoving stuff at you. As usual, I'll pick a favorite here - it's the quad in the middle. The overall design; the best presentation of something coming off the screen, and the blurbs - "the hand is at YOUR throat...the kiss is on YOUR lips..."

One other note - that last poster is from a re-release in the late 60's - anyone care to explain in comments how I know that?

Until next post, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. One of my favourite Price flicks, and three great posters. I've never actually seen this in 3D, though, have you? I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered my DVD had the original House of Wax (Mystery of the Wax Museum) included on the disc as an extra, completely unadvertised on the packaging!

    I'll probably pick the third - I love the artwork of Price's face, and the tagline is great. Not sure how you know it's a re-release; is it anything to do with the 'GP' rating? I know that it was a short-lived rating...

    1. I have that same disc and yes, it's wonderful to have Mystery of the Wax Museum included - all the more because that was once considered a "lost" film...

      The third is good - and yes, it was the GP rating added - plus a move onto the poster for Charles Bronson - credited in the original movie as Charles Buchinsky but changed over to his more familiar moniker here.

    2. Ah, I never would have spotted/made the Bronson connection... good work!

  2. I really enjoy your shares... classic art for classic films!

  3. The third poster is the best since it highlights Price and his incredible presence although the can-can girls make for an intriguing poster. "Watch this movie! Her panties are right in your face!"