Monday, March 16, 2015

Maniacal Movie Poster Monday #207!

The Devil's Messenger  (Herts-Lion International Corp, 1961)

Lon Chaney (having dropped the Jr. some time before) went to Sweden and shot scenes hosting a creepy anthology horror show called 13 Demon Street which only played overseas. A few years later, an American film company bought the rights to string three episodes together and release it as an ersatz movie in the US. It's not bad, and it's always nice to see Jr. You can find the movie in countless bargain DVD sets.

Invisible Invaders  (United Artists, 1959)

How can you go wrong with 50's sci fi starring John Agar and John Carradine? You can't, if you like those guys and 50's sci fi!

Panic in Year Zero  (American International Pictures, 1962)

This is a cool little low budget thriller - with Ray Milland both directing and starring - as an atomic apocalypse leaves handfuls of survivors spread across the country - and as usual, the end of the world always brings out the worst in people. I like that the musical score by Les Baxter gets more poster real estate than Ray's directing credit, buried at the bottom of the poster.

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  1. I'm a fan of Panic in Year Zero, though I don't think I saw that poster before... And Invisible Monsters both looks and sounds great! Definitely one for the list!