Monday, March 2, 2015

Maniacal Movie Poster Monday #205!

Girl on a Chain Gang  (Jerry Gross Productions, 1965)

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I haven't seen this potboiler, but reviews on the IMDB do not indicate incipient quality. I guess that's no surprise coming from good ol' Jerry Gross. And of course, I'd watch it anytime.

House of the Dead  (Artisan Entertainment, 2003)

This seems to be the movie that put director Uwe Boll on everyone's radar, and mostly with a giant bullseye painted on him. I haven't seen the movie (and can well imagine those who have will chide me to check it out and see how awful it is). I probably will give it a shot one of these days.

For Love & Money  (Crest Pictures Corporation, 1967)

Seemingly just another "look at those big boobs" movie - and I see nothing wrong with that, by the way - but this one does boast a story written by Ed Wood, Jr. - which increases the appeal of seeing it immensely.

Until next post, you Can Poke Me With A Uwe Boll Movie, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. Although I'm far from being a Boll-hater and enjoy some of his flicks, I have to admit that HOTD is really fucking terrible.

  2. Hi Craig,
    Girl On a Chain Gang is a pretty cool little sleazy & sweaty B&W exploitation gem. It's got William Watson (who played the heavy in a ton of stuff in the 70's) as an evil redneck sheriff and is one of those ones that make you feel as if you need a shower after watching it.

  3. Love the GOACG poster, even if the type is too close for my liking (the 'A' and 'Shocker' being so close really bug me!).

    I honestly don't think HOTD is all that terrible. Yeah, it's bad, but from a guy who was raised on Italian horror films, I think I've seen worse.