Monday, October 14, 2013

Maniacal Movie Poster Monday #137!

Theme week!
Historical Figures Meet Horror-ical Figures!

Billy the Kid vs Dracula  (Embassy Pictures, 1966)

Irresistible cheese with John Carradine throwing on the cape again - and it wasn't his last time, either! From this movie forward having John Carradine play Dracula brought a whole new meaning to "long in the tooth!" This movie and its companion below are silly silly movies - but who could resist a flick with a title like this?

Jessie James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter  (Embassy Pictures, 1966)

Or this one?

Actually, the lower half of this double bill is the lesser movie - if only because there's no one like John Carradine in it. What, was Basil Rathbone or Lon Chaney Jr busy that week?

And these two flicks mark the final cinematic work of William "One-Shot" Beaudine - who had directed at least 250 movies back to the silent days - and that's just the ones that have been catalogued - there could have been more. When Beaudine retired after these two movies - he was the record holder as the oldest working director in Hollywood. Of course, that record has since been shattered.

Bonnie and Clyde vs Dracula  (Indican Pictures, 2011)

This one I haven't seen  - but I have it on good authority - my bud Mel B - that I will enjoy it once I finally track it down...

Until next post - tomorrow - you Can Poke Me With A Movie Poster, Cause I Am Outta Here!

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