Sunday, October 27, 2013

Crazy Movie Weekend: Halloween Horrorfest 3!

I counted down the minutes for almost a year until the third installment of my Halloween movie marathon weekend!

I took off work a couple of hours early to get our snack supplies for the weekend - plus our now traditional Friday night meal - a themed "Take-n-Bake" pizza from Papa Murphy's.

Mmmmmm....pepperoni Jack'o'Lantern pizza...

My movie buddy niece Sandra - who flew in all the way from QATAR for this movie fest - was already hanging at the house - and we were joined by my movie buddy Ray and his girlfriend Melinda - and we set off on the sixth Crazy Movie Weekend - the third all horror Halloweenfest!

Ray carved the festival's mascot - Jack - and he gave us a saucy grin as the Blu-Ray menu for the first film came up - Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers.

After the movie - we kicked off this year's Body Count - with Ray and Melinda our models...

After that we popped in Evilspeak from 1982....during this movie my movie buddy nephew James joined us...

Sadly, after Evilspeak Ray and Melinda had to pack it in for work the next morning.

But Sandra, James, and I marshalled on!

Here's something I never noticed before the clarity of Blu-Ray:

This pithy saying was written into Captain Blake's diary on my birthday!

Sandra packed it in - but James and I were going on - so we went with a movie Sandra had already seen in the theater:

This one took us to about 2:30am, so we headed off to our beds.

The next morning we were back at it at about 10am - Sandra, James, and I:

After watching those zombies eat - we were peckish - so we headed out for our other traditional CMW food - a burger from Five Guys!

Then it was back to the homestead for the next movie:

The credits are still rolling up the screen - and my refreshing beverage from lunch jumps in...

After the 80's goodness from the morning and early afternoon we jumped to the 21st century for the next flick:

Sandra is the model - as the Body Count approaches triple digits...

There were invites extended to David and April; Andy and Melissa; and Natalie and Chris. Andy and Melissa begged over days before - with a baby shower keeping them at home the weekend of the movie fest. By this time in the afternoon I expected some of the others. Sadly, none of them made it.

That certainly didn't stop us! At this point I offered Sandra and James a choice: Terror Train or Last House on the Left (1972). James had heard that LHOTL was gut wrenching, so he voted for that one and Sandra went along.

Their guts were NOT wrenched. In fact, this disturbing movie rated as the least liked of the festival.

My Canadian buddy Elaine's Halloween card photobombs this Body Count photo...

We had just gotten about 20 minutes into the next movie when Ray and Melinda came back - huzzah for their return!

This is James's "I'm dead" look - a tradition in the Body Count photos now...

Back to the movies we went:

After that we finished the third movie in a trilogy - we watched one of these movies in each of the first two CMW:HHs - and now we wrapped up the series in the third:

With this movie under our belts, Ray and Melinda had to leave again - and sadly wouldn't be back for any of the Sunday movies.

At this point - with one more movie to go Saturday night James asked for something really scary. But you know, it's difficult to hit that nail on the head with regularity. Sinister was the scariest movie of this third Horrorfest - but it's not that easy to luck in to another movie that scary. I have heard Insidious is really good and creepy - but James has already stated earlier in the fest that he didn't like that one after it had been built up to be so scary. It's a double edged sword - if you hear a movie is super scary then when you watch it usually you're like "That's all it was? THAT wasn't scary." James is particularly prone to this - his reaction to Last House on the Left shows it.

So, the best I can do is try to hit that ball out of the park once sometime in the 13-14 movies we watch. Everything else needs to fall under the categories of cool or disturbing. Those are the only other touchpoints I can try to hit. I don't even succeed at that all that often - as we have started Saturday with a classic Romero zombie movie the last two CMW: HHs - and neither James nor Sandra cared all that much for them. It's a little telling that every movie they rate highly is from this century - and all the other older movies - well regarded classics in some cases - get "it was okay" reviews from them.

So, knowing I couldn't satisfy James's "scary" itch - I decided to let him pick the next movie - which turned out to be one whose trailer was on the Hatchet III Blu-Ray - a British dead clown movie.

And - wouldn't you know it - enticed in by the rude and raunchy trailer - we all found this one to be mediocre.

Still - it goes us six more bodies - and took us to around 2:30 am again - so off to bed for another few hours sleep...

Sunday morning started with the Queen of Halloween -

Bet you didn't think Elvira scored that high of a body count in her first movie, did you?

We wrapped up CMW: HH3 with the sequel to the movie that finished up CMW: HH2 last year - as it had been a definite hit.

Feast II: Sloppy Seconds went over equally well to close us out - and it narrowly beat out Hatchet III for single highest body count!

We had a blast - and I'm already thinking about next year!

Until next post, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. Craig, absolutely loved these posts. You've inspired me to resurrect the movie sessions in my place. In fact, my wife is away at the end of this month visiting family, so I think I will try this out then.

    1. Thanks man! I hope you have a blast - and post about it!