Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Foto Frenzy: Halloween III: Season of the Witch!

When John Carpenter and Debra Hill decided to turn the Halloween franchise into an anthology - telling a completely new story each year with no returning characters (but probably returning cast members) - I was intrigued. At the time they certainly seemed to have put Michael Myers down for the count in Halloween II - and the idea of all new stories where anyone could die at any time seemed to be a pretty refreshing idea.

This one starts off with the Silver Shamrock company and their three cool new masks - Skull, Jack o' Lantern, and Witch.
Then a mask store owner turns up dead under suspicious circumstances - and he had one of these masks clutched
in a death grip.

It has something to do with these guys - and looking at them - can't you just tell?

The mask store owner's daughter and the doctor treating him when he was killed team up to investigate...

...but more people die. And, pretty horribly.

The culprit - demented mask maker Conal Cochran. His plan? Bigger than anyone could ever imagine.

No child is safe...


I love this movie - it's very different from what came before - and certainly from what came after.

Until our final post for this Halloween Postathon - you Can Poke Me With A Mask, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. it should have separated itself from the franchise, it was such a great film it could have stood on it's own...

    KNOCK, KNOCK! I am virtual Trick'r treating at your door.. to help promote my fleshing out of the "WALKING DEAD" return to my slow beating heart... and my insatiable love for the dead!


    Happy Halloween!

  2. Well, I wish they had gotten their wish to make the franchise an anthology title. Dropped by the new site - very cool!