Monday, September 16, 2013

Maniacal Movie Poster Monday #133!

The Curse of the Werewolf  (Hammer Film Productions, 1961)

Hammer's big werewolf movie - with a well cast Oliver Reed getting hairy and being scary as the title cursed fellow. In honor of the film's British origins - we go with the British Quad poster here.

Swamp Thing  (Warner Bros, 1982)

I really like this movie - an adaptation of the DC comics character - but I have to be honest - it's fairly ragged - almost as ragged as the late great Dick Durock's swamp suit after running around the marshy areas outside Charleston SC for director Wes Craven. But - you have some very cool actors, and Craven does some nice "comic book" swipes and dissolves - and this did give long time stunt king Durock an actual starring role - so it it still a solid recommendation.

Guns of the Black Witch  (American International Pictures, 1961)

AIP got this Italian pirate movie out on American movie screens just nine months after it played in Italy - in the same calendar year, even! American Don Megowan was imported to give the movie some oomph in America - but one has to wonder how much star power someone like Don Megowan was bringing to the table? (Don't get me wrong - I like the big lug - especially in The Creature Walks Among Us and The Werewolf...)

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  1. Swamp Thing is a forgotten gem Craig. The scene where he's trying to make a cure still holds up.

    1. It is - Durock's really good in the movie - sad that it was pretty much the only role he played other than thugs and henchmen. Still, two movies and a TV series - hopefully he enjoyed it!

  2. The Curse of the Werewolf poster above is NOT the British quad, but the US half sheet