Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Liebster Award Part Two!

Here's the second half of this Megapost -


An Award was Bestowed!

The Liebster Award was given to LGOOH by three wonderful folks:

Kaijinu from Sticky Red: A Bodycount Compendium

Harry from Maynard Morrissey's Horror Movie Diary

Michelle from The Girl Who Loves Horror

However, I have a (stolen) graphic that shows 4 Liebster awards, so I gave myself one too!

The first half presented the award rules and fulfilled the one that stated the recipient must post 11 things about themselves. As the award was given to me by 3 people - 33 things about myself it was!

You can read the first post by hitting THIS link.

Okay, next up - answering the 3 sets of eleven questions posed by my three blog buddies!


1. Had you ever daydream about something and what's the most memorable one you ever had?
  • I used to remember my night time dreams very well - and could even continue them the next night if I concentrated hard enough. I've had sonme epic night time dreams. My daydreams tend to be quick little snatches of visuals as I'm usually distracted away pretty quickly. My most incredible dream was this HUGE night dream where I was being pursued by a serial killer, and it was really weird and scary and frustrating, because parts of the serial killer's actions I could see on TV screens, but I kept getting called away before his identity was revealed on the screen. Made me nuts for the (seemingly) three weeks that dream seemed to go on that night.

2. Who's the one Comic Book hero you NEVER want to see made to a movie out of respect and fear of flopping?
  • I'm going to say Millie the Model, because Stan Lee used to refer to her all the time. All others are fair game. But don't mess them up, filmmakers!

3. Will you try to dance Jamie Lee Curtis' disco scene in Prom Night (1980) with a partner?
  • Absolutely. Fire up the music.

4. Name one of the least likely movie franchise entry that suddenly became your number one fave?
  • Dr. Otto and the Riddle of the Gloom Beam, which was a movie from the Ernest P. Worrell franchise.

This guy.
  • Dr. Otto was a crazy comedy - and perfectly silly despite some slow spots.

5. What's the weirdest experience you had involving a movie? (theatres, DVD releases, etc.)
  • Seeing I Know What You Did Last Summer in the theater with the kids from Dawson's Creek - but this was while we were shooting the first season - before Dawson's had aired any episodes. After the screening of IKWYDLS, we were interviewed by a local TV affiliate about the movie because it was written by Kevin Williamson, whose TV show Dawson's Creek was filming right here in town! The news show showed the clip - not realizing they had several stars-to-be on tape praising the writing of the movie (of course, since it was the writing of our boss!)

6. Did you ever had a crush on a fantasy character in your teen years? If yes, who?
  • As I indicated in Part One - Wonder Woman as played by Lynda Carter!

Any excuse at all...

7. If a movie character out of your fave flicks suddenly appeared in front of your doorstep, who will it be and what'll you do?
  • James Bond, and we'll go bombing around in his spy car!

8. WATCH OUT! EXTRA TERRESTRIALS! And you have a tool shed behind you! What'll you do?
  • Go hide in the tool shed. Hope there's some clean underwear there.

9. With all these news on rocket launches, disease outbreaks and people killing each other, how close do you think we are before things go 28 Weeks Later?
  • Not more than 27 Weeks Away...

10. If you had the power to change yer appearance, who's face yer gonna try first?
  • Some hot guy the women all love - give that a try.

11. Worst tasting delicacy you ever encountered?

Octopus. It was the texture more than the taste - it was like eating a fish flavored chunk of automobile tire.

Second up - Harry!

Harry got hit with er, was awarded four of these babies, so after answering all his questions, he advised those to whom he bestowed the award to pick eleven from the questions he'd answered. So here goes...

1. What do you enjoy most about blogging?
  • Getting to put all this crazy junk stored in my head out there a post at a time - and finding people don't entirely hate it!
2. Which game from your childhood do you wish you could play again?
  • There was this Monopoly ripoff called Creature Features - and it involved the buying and selling of horror movies instead of real estate. It was awesome, and I wish I had it still.

The box.

The board.

3. What was the first thing you posted on your blog and why?
  • A wordy introduction - and in hindsight, no good idea why. It seemed like the thing to do at the time. Now it seems like a fairly stuffy first post.

4. What is your favorite beverage?
  • Coke Zero with coffee a close second.

5. Do you like thunderstorms? Why or why not?
  • I do enjoy them, but I fear for my electronics. They are like nature's fireworks, and can be very spectacular. Also, once in a while on a stormy day it's fun to put on a pot of chili and watch old movies all day.

6. Do you like Musicals? Do you find yourself breaking out into song for days on end after seeing one? (I know I do.)
  • I don't watch them constantly, but I do enjoy musicals. I just saw the nationwide 60th anniversary screening of Singing in the Rain at my local theater a couple of weeks ago.

7.  What do you do in your spare time other than blog?
  • Spare time? BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA!
  • No, seriously, I read and watch movies.

8.  What movie got you addicted to horror movies?
  • Halloween (1978)

9. What's your favorite holiday and why?
  • When I was a kid, it was of course Christmas. Now that I'm older, it's Halloween - because we decorate the house, and I watch nothing but horror the entire month of October. And it seems this past year we kicked off a new yearly tradition - the Crazy Movie Weekend: Halloween Horrorfest! Can't wait for this year's!
10. What is your greatest memory as a child?
  • The summers. No school, playing outside, swimming, and staying up incredibly late to watch weird old movies on the late late show in those years before home video.

11. Favorite food? 
  • I can tear up a steak, but I have to give the top position to pizza.

And last but certainly not least - Michelle's questions.

1. How did you come up with the name for your blog and are you still happy with it now?
  • There was a question in the original Trivial Pursuit game that asked what was (I think) the most cliched (or used?) line of dialogue in movies - and the answer was "Let's get out of here!" As a lot of useless facts do - this factoid stuck in my head for decades. In the last few years I'd been thinking about doing a movie review site - before it was called blogging - and finally jumped in and commenced after it was called blogging. And I wanted to feature this most used line of dialogue as a centerpiece, so I decided to use the timecode in each movie where "Let's get out of here!" appeared as a feature in my reviews. And what else could the blog be called? Let's Get Out of Here! I am very happy with it - as I now have a great line for celebrities to say when they endorse my blog!

2. You decide on where you're going to go for a 3 week vacation by throwing a dart on a map. Where do you hope the dart doesn't land?
  • Off the map on the blank wall. Which is a distinct possibility with my dart throwing "skills."

3. Can you trill, or "roll your r's"?
  • Oh yes, and I can roll my tongue up into a circle too.

4. What is your favorite breakfast food?
  • BACON!!!

5. What celebrity of the same sex do you think is totally hot?
  • Ru Paul. (Heh heh heh).

6. Have you ever had a horror-movie related dream? If so (and if you can remember), describe!
  • Sometime in the last year or so I had one of my epic dreams where I was being chased by Michael Myers. He kept popping up and almost getting me - and I remember I hid in a car that wasn't mine several streets away just to get some rest. That dream seemed to last days, too.
Next time...

7. I'm getting my new Poltergeist movie poster framed and I have limited wall space. Which poster should I take down to make room for the new one: Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, Resident Evil, The Evil Dead, or Saw?
  • Goodbye Pulp Fiction. The rest are all horror movies, or at least have the word Kill involved.

8. What was Robert DeNiro's best movie role?
  • Fearless Leader in The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle.
  • (Actually, think I'll go with Rupert Pupkin from King of Comedy.)

9. Do you think children should be allowed to watch horror movies and why?
  • It depends on the child, but yes, and it needs to be eased in - let them watch Goosebumps and the old Universal Monster movies when they're ready. Save the blood guts and gore for later.

10. What is the most visually stunning film you have ever seen?
  • Star Trek - The Motion Picture was it for a long time - but I think I have to give it to Inception now.

11. What was the last thing you ate?
  • Lays' Spicy Cayenne and Cheese Kettle Chips.
Okay - now to bestow the award - and because this thing has really been making the rounds - I'm going to get creative. The rules state you must bestow the award on 11 people. Well, I see that "11" as "1" and "1" side by side - so I'm giving the award to two great blogs.

Luana at Skating Buffalo

Maurice and Nigel at The Geek Twins

And here are the eleven questions for them to answer - (Maurice and Nigel can split them up any way they see fit.)

1. What is the very earliest movie memory you have?

2. Favorite moviegoing snack?

3. Do you enjoy "so bad they're good" movies?

4. What celebrity would you most like to meet?

5. Name a guilty pleasure in pop culture.

6. MST3K, Elvira, or Joe Bob Briggs?

7. Has a movie ever scared you so bad you had trouble sleeping; or made you nauseous?

8. Give me your dream cast for a remake of anything.

9. What is the perfect breakfast?

10. Police Academy - can't believe they made that many; or why did they stop?

11. What is your favorite post at Let's Get Out of Here?

(Yes, I'm that cheesy!)

I look forward to the award receipt posts from Luana and the Mitchells if they choose to participate!

Thanks again to the my blog buddies who gave me this award - this has been fun! (For me, anyway!)

Until next post, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. Coke? Mmm I am a Diet Pepsi girl. Halloween got me addicted to horror as well, thought the first horror movie I saw in the theater was Friday the 13th The Final Chapter (or so they said).

    Terrific post, I remember I know What You Did Last Summer. What a great flick. J Love, Sarah Michelle, Freddie Prinze, Jr....A lot of fun to watch.

    1. That's funny - Pepsi was invented down here in NC - but I've always preferred Coke products!

      Thanks for coming by, MB!

  2. I kinda knew the blog name had something to do with cliches! Seeing that line's almost in every film I watched! XD

    I used to have dreams involving some of the ghouls from the Thirteen Ghosts remake, especially The Jackal, chasing me around. That wanker's super crazy and super scary!

    (And DeNiro was the Fearless Leader? no wonder he looked familiar...)

    1. Kaijinu - I figured you kinda knew that! And you're right - it's really in nearly every movie made!

      Definitely some creepy spooks in 13teen Ghosts - or however they "cleverly" spelled it!

      Yep, that was Bobby D!

  3. LOL at yr De Niro choice. Forget about Taxi Driver or Casino, it must be Rock & Bulwinkle ;-)

    "Save the blood guts and gore for later." - Nah, give those lil' brats some Fulci and some Elm Street. Pants will be shat :D

    Agree with you on Octopus. Tastes like caoutchouc :-)

    1. I did think it was awesome that he appeared in that movie!

      Pants will be shat indeed! I can tell you've never changed a diaper! ;)

      Sure does!

  4. Congrats on the award(s). I received two of these myself. :)

    Yay for choosing pizza as your favorite meal. I adore Italian food!

    1. Thanks George! Congratulations on your awards! Will we be seeing an acceptance post?

      I do love Iralian food too - spaghetti carbonara is #3 on the list!