Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The 2011 Friday the 13th Coast to Coast Toast Part 2!

Just as actress Adrienne King graced two Friday the 13th movies, so does she now star in two posts on this blog!


That link takes you back to the first post about this amazing event we got to be a part of. Go ahead, check it out, I'll wait.

Ah, glad you're back! Well, a couple of weeks after winning Best Pic in the 2011 Friday the 13th Coast to Coast Toast (a title I truly enjoy saying and typing!) tonight came the prize - my phone rang, and on the other end was none other than Adrienne King herself!

Adrienne King.
Cool actress, artist, wine maker, and
Unofficial 2011 Celebrity of Let's Get Out of Here!

If you'd told the 13 year old who plopped in to a seat in the theater in 1980 to see this horror classic that one day he'd be talking to the star on the phone - he'd have laughed you out of your seat.

Nonetheless - as I was in the midst of putting pictures of Alice Cooper's wife Sheryl in to one of my posts - random, eh? - my phone rang. Ms. King was very apologetic, as she was on the West Coast and had forgotten about the three hour time difference twixt hither and yon. She offered a second call at an earlier hour the next day - Wednesday - but I told her it was no problem...I'm up blogging at this time each night anyway - and I think my next piece to write - an Ernest Goes to Camp review - needs to stew in my brainpan for a little longer. Can't rush the Jim Varney musings.

For the next fifteen minutes, Adrienne (as I think I'm now allowed to call her) captivated me with a wonderful chat that covered her whirlwind schedule for the next few days - the woman is a travelling dynamo, let me tell you! I told her of my experience seeing the first Friday the 13th movie in the theater...a tale that I will save here for a series retrospective I actually have someone waiting to read - hey MB! - and I found out that in a couple of weeks she will be back in front of the camera again for a new movie project! Huzzah!

We also talked briefly about the movie formerly known as Walking Distance (you can see the poster for it under that title in my blog post here.) It's now called Psychic Experiment, and it is looking like Lionsgate will be releasing it possibly this September - watch for it!

I then got the great news that the prize for winning Best Pic is an absolutely amazing poster Adrienne created for producer/director Sean Cunningham using a sheet of notes he'd written for the final scene between Adrienne and Betsy Palmer - you know, the one where Betsy just goes and loses her head? In any case, she made this really cool poster for him, and now offers a replica at her website - it's a beautiful piece, I can't wait to see the real thing! Here's what it will look like:

Isn't that awesome? And it'll be signed and the whole nine yards! And in addition, we're also getting more wine! I cannot express how appreciative I am for all of this spectacular kindness on the part of Adrienne King!

Here again is the link to the Crystal Lake Wines website in case you want to order some of their delicious offerings for yourself:


The wine is truly splendid! Tell them Craig sent you!

I may even have to go for a third post when the prize package arrives! If it follows the pattern it will have a disco theme song and be in 3-D! We'll see about that one! In the meantime, until the next post, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. Wow!!! This is so un-freaking-believably awesome. You talked with Alice. *bowing on hands and knees* That poster is wicked cool. She is so talented. Congrats on the prize and of course you have to share the deets. I want disco balls, a Bee Gees imitation and mullet wig.

    And yes I can't wait to hear more about your F13 first time viewing experience.

  2. Awesome job Craig. I just checked out your winning photo and it is terrific. And chatting with Alice, acquiring more wine and receiving a badasss poster is just supremely cool. You're the king of the blogosphere today, my friend!

  3. Melissa - Just surreal, furreal! I will definitely try to give the third post a Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3-D vibe!

    Matty - Thanks very much, it's been a wild ride for sure, from getting the word to order the wine from the Chief Financial Officer (read: wife) through to submitting the photo, then winning - wow! I do feel like there's a crown on my head, and margarine had nothing to do with it!