Friday, November 12, 2010

A little taste of Junkin' with Val and Dave!

A cable station I loved so much it affected which cable company
I got service from - it was only offered through one satellite
provider, and then they blacked out my zip code here in Wilmington
(because heaven knows southeastern North Carolina is not
the south). I switched to a cable service in protest. A couple of
years later I checked back with the satellite provider to see if
they had changed their tune, only to find out that Turner South had
in the intervening time morphed first into an all sports network,
then shut down. Damn, how I miss this channel. They showed
movies Turner had in the MGM catalog that even Turner Classic
Movies didn't show; and they had Junkin' with Val and Dave,
which was my fave. A guy and a really cute girl travelling
around the South, buying weird stuff in flea markets and
yard sales, which they then put up for auction online. There was
some kind of contest involved with money spent to buy vs
money raised in the auction or something. But I just liked the
show, and I really liked looking at that girl.

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