Wednesday, November 17, 2010

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Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead  (20th Century Fox, 2009)

Before the Camera:

Tom Frederic  (Blood Trails)
Janet Montgomery  (Black Swan)
Gil Kolirin  (Return to the House on Haunted Hill)
Jake Curran  (Robin Hood '10)
Chucky Venn  (The Dark Knight)
Tamer Hassan (Layer Cake)

Behind the Camera:

Directed by Declan O'Brien

Produced by Jeffery Beach, John Cappilla, Erik Feig, Robert Kulzer, and Phillip J. Roth

Written by Connor James Delaney - based on characters created by Alan McElroy

Part of the 2010 Halloween Film Festival

The third flick in the series opens in that same deadly neck of the woods as four vacationers have the time of their deaths before the plot kicks in. Then the plot kicks in. This time out, a prisoner transfer from Grafton Penitentiary runs into trouble when their chosen route takes them through hillbilly mutant Three Fingers' hunting grounds. One rammed and crashed bus later, ol' TF has a gaggle of hardened prisoners and three guards as potential ingredients for his favorite stew running loose in his woods; let the mayhem commence!

This shows the movie as the slice of life picture it is.
Yep, it's just that simple - as Joe Bob would say: "there's no plot to get in the way of the story" and both of us mean it as a compliment! I enjoyed the first Wrong Turn movie when I saw it in the theater - found it a terrifically dark and nasty “backwoods cannibal mutants” horror flick. I was therefore quick to see Wrong Turn 2 when it came out, and also enjoyed it - another extremely gruesome splatter flick with some of the most graphic kills I’ve ever seen. I held off on Wrong Turn 3 for a while, figuring it had to be a step down - third movie, third director, plus a friend at work informed me it wasn’t up to the other two in quality. I went ahead and scheduled it in for this year’s Halloween film festival, hoping it would be a worthy watch. Well, it was a half step down, not quite as good as the previous two movies (which would have to fight a death match to pick a winner, in my opinion) but still a pretty well done Three B's movie (that's Blood, Breasts, and Beasts, for the uninitiated). Director Declan O'Brien, working on a fairly modest budget, keeps things moving, and brings in a fair amount of action and special effects on top of the slicing and dicing. It turns out my friend at work was disappointed because the bulk of this film's Hunting-Killing-Eating (HKE baby! HKE!) is handled by Three Fingers, and she likes her Wrong Turn pictures populated by mass quantities of inbred killers, but what could you expect after the credits rolled on Part 2? So I had no problem with TF taking center stage here. The acting is not bad - with the biggest surprise being that pretty much everyone in the cast is British, (as can be seen in the behind the scenes features on the disc) but they all do credible American accents in the movie! The kills are zippy, with lots of CGI mixed in with the blood and latex, but that keeps things popping, since pretty much anyone can die at anytime. It is very gory, but I hope no one would rent this looking for a kitchen sink drama with Ian McKellen and Judi Dench, so you know going in what you're going to see: people wandering around the woods and stepping into horrendous deathtraps while being hunted by a killer wielding all manner of bladed weapons and bow and arrow. All in all, this is worth a watch by anyone who enjoyed either or both of the previous Wrong Turn movies, or even someone wacky enough to start a series by watching Part 3 first. Check it out!

Let's Get Out of Here ?

We have another contender here: at 25:54, Tamer Hassan grows weary of escaping overturned buses and dodging arrows and throws out The Line. It is repeated twice more at around 45:00, and Janet Montgomery waits until around 1:04:00 before saying it, and finally Tom Frederic throws out a climactic Line at 1:21:27.

Eye Candy ?

Louise Cliff is only around briefly, but she's also dressed only briefly. Welcome to the list, Weezy!

Buddha Man's Capsule Review

Buddha Man says "Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead is the right
destination for those looking for gory thrills."

Thanks Buddha Man! Til next time, you Can Poke Me With a Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. It seems, generally speaking, that the Brits are better at doing consistent American accents that vice-versa.

    Also, Dame Judi DM's D&D campaigns for her grandchildren. Let us pause for a moment and reflect upon how lucky these kids are...

  2. I just heard they're doing WRONG TURN 5. Babes and gore works for me!

  3. Cout DeV - I agree about the accents - the number of Brits leading American series this day attests to it. How much would you give to play a D&D game with Dungeonmaster Judi Dench? *sigh*

    Eric - Awesome! Crank them out til the cows come home - the bad ones we'll watch once and not own, the good ones will live on into eternity!