Wednesday, January 7, 2015

December 2014 Watchlist!

Here's everything I watched in the month of December: (this does not include a lot that was watched with my wondrous wife Suze - just my own personal watchlist - although Suze did watch some of this with me.)

H.O.T.S.  (Streaming - Hulu)

Sons of Anarchy: "Giving Back"  (Streaming - Netflix)

Stunts  (DVD)

Dark Shadows Episode 36  (DVD)

Dark Shadows Episode 37  (DVD)

Child Bride  (DVD)

Batman: "The Joker is Wild"  (Blu-Ray)

Batman: "Batman is Riled"  (Blu-Ray)

Mister Atlas  (DVD)

Magnum PI: "J. 'Digger' Doyle"  (Streaming - Netflix)

Crime Story  (Jackie Chan)  (Blu-Ray)

Sons of Anarchy: "AK-51"  (Streaming - Netflix)

The Trial of Billy Jack  (DVD)

Dark Shadows Episode 38  (DVD)

Dark Shadows Episode 39  (DVD)

Cover Me Babe  (VHS taped from cable)

Batman: "Instant Freeze"  (Blu-Ray)

Batman: "Rats Like Cheese"  (Blu-Ray)

Detour  (DVD)

Magnum PI: "Beauty Knows No Pain"  (Streaming - Netflix)

Mysterious Intruder  (DVR - recorded from TCM)

Forced Vengeance  (VHS)

Sons of Anarchy: "Old Bones"  (Streaming - Netflix)

Horror Island  (DVD)

Dark Shadows  Episode 40

Dark Shadows  Episode 41

Class of 1984  (DVD)

Batman: "Zelda the Great"

Batman: "A Death Worse Than Fate"

Burn Witch Burn  (DVR - recorded from TCM)

The Flash: "Fastest Man Alive"  (DVR - recorded from the CW)

1941  (DVD)

Sons of Anarchy: "The Pull"  (Streaming - Netflix)

Superman: Last Son of Krypton  (DVD)

Dark Shadows  Episode 42  (DVD)

Dark Shadows  Episode 43  (DVD)

Dark Shadows  Episode 44  (DVD)

Autopsy  (DVD)

Batman: "A Riddle a Day Keeps the Riddler Away"  (Blu-Ray)

Batman: "When the Rat's Away the Mice Will Play"  (Blu-Ray)

Mercenaries  (Streaming - Netflix)

Hell's Kitchen: "Six Chefs Compete"  (DVR - recorded from Fox)

Hell's Kitchen: "Five Chefs Compete"  (DVR - recorded from Fox)

Day the World Ended  (DVD)

Sons of Anarchy: "Hell Follows"  (Streaming - Netflix)

Daughter of Shanghai  (VHS - recorded from DVR - recorded from TCM)

Dark Shadows  Episode 45  (DVD)

Dark Shadows  Episode 46  (DVD)

Santa Claus  (1959)  (DVD)

Sea Hunt: "Sixty Feet Below"  (DVD)

A Pistol for Ringo  (DVD)

Hell's Kitchen: "Four Chefs Compete"  (DVR - recorded from Fox)

Hell's Kitchen: "Winner Chosen"  (DVR - recorded from Fox)

Child Bride  (DVD)

Doctor Who: "Last Christmas"

There Goes the Bride  (DVD)

Sons of Anarchy:  "Better Half"  (Streaming - Netflix)

Admission  (DVR - recorded from a free HBO weekend)

Heavenly Bodies  (DVR - recorded from TCM)

Dark Shadows  Episode 47  (DVD)

Dark Shadows  Episode 48  (DVD)

Get Crazy  (VHS)

The Woman in Black  (Streaming - Amazon)

And there you have it!

Until next post - you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. I've been making my way through Sons of Anarchy. Really enjoyed the first 4 seasons. Currently on 6th. It's still good, but not as captivating as the earlier ones. Overall, a fantastic show though with a great continuing narrative.

    1. I'm very much enjoying the first season - have a couple of episodes to go on it. I will take a break and go to another show for a season, so I'm not binge watching by any means.

    2. That's a good idea. I'm finding it a chore now because I want to move on to The Wire

  2. Also is Heavenly Bodies the aerobics video? That was featured in a documentary I'm watching at this very moment

    1. It is - the Canadian Flashdance as directed by Lawrence Dane. It was cute and nostalgic.