Monday, January 5, 2015

Maniacal Movie Poster Monday #197!

The Jungle  (Lippert Pictures, 1952)

 I haven't seen this - but I'm sure it's a goofy and fun backlot jungle flick with plenty of stock footage - and I absolutely love that they brag that the movie was "Filmed in SEPIA in the mystic heart of India." That just means they ran their low budget black and white movie through an optical filter to tint it brown. Not exactly a production value where I come from.

Three Bad Sisters  (Bel-Air Productions, 1956)

I also haven't seen this juicy potboiler with three sisters fighting over the family fortune after Daddy dies in a plane crash - but it sounds like one I'd enjoy - for the 50's babes alone!

The Devil's Bride  (aka The Devil Rides Out)  (Hammer Film Productions, 1968)

I have seen this one - and it's a fine Hammer horror pitting Christopher Lee against Charles Gray - meaning you have two Bond villains battling it out! Awesome! And it got the Devil's Bride title here in America because the American film executives thought The Devil Rides Out sounded too much like a Western!

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