Monday, October 27, 2014

Maniacal Movie Poster Monday #187!

The Atomic Monster  (aka Man-Made Monster)   (Universal Studios, 1941)
Realart re-released this Universal Studios flick - and apparently it was in the 1950's if that retitle is any indication. This is a fun movie, but it's kind of sad - as lovable lummox Chaney is made into a murderous monster by good ol' Lionel Atwill.

They  (Dimension Films, 2002)

I really didn't care for this toothless PG-13 horror flick in the theater. But, here's the poster anyway.

The Brotherhood of Satan  (Columbia Pictures, 1971)

I finally got to check this flick out a week or so ago - not a great movie, but interesting - and I think one that would lend itself to a rewatch.

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  1. The cast for "Atomic Monster" is insanely good, but apparently it didn't translate on screen.