Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lobby Cards a Go Go!

Let's get some Classic Horror into this Halloween Blogfest with the Universal Studios Monsters!

As a kid I was always happy to see any of the Universal Monster movies - but
now that I'm older - this is a pretty weak entry. I'm glad the monsters got to meet
Abbott and Costello three years later - as that hilarious classic is a better series
send off than this one. Still, a weak monster movie is better than no monster
movie at all, right?

Glenn Strange is back as the Frankenstein Monster - his second appearance of three.

Lon Chaney Jr. reprises "his baby" - as Lawrence Talbot and the full moon add up
to something hairy and scary.

Jane Adams - included as a monster on the top picture in this post due to some spinal
issues - way to be sensitive Universal - with Chaney, Onslow Stevens, and Strange.

Chaney's upper lip stays hairy in this one - here he schmoozes romantically
with Martha O'Driscoll.

Stevens tells Adams she's not a monster, no matter what Universal Studios says,

Finally! John Carradine as Dracula with Stevens and O'Driscoll.

Lionel Atwill in his neverending stint in that police uniform gives Skelton Knaggs
and his partner in crime the hairiest of eyeballs. 

Until next post - tomorrow, if you can believe it - you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. Not a great Universal Horror - but man, those are beautiful lobby cards.

    1. They really are. I wish they still made lobby cards.