Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday Night at the Movies 3/29/14!

Who cares what picture we see?

Jean Arless really really would - so this must be the pick...

After Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho became such a hit - William Castle decided he wanted in on that action so he called in his usual writer - Robb White - and they cooked up a pretty danged good knockoff. 

Keeping spoilers at bay - the movie's story at its most basic? A brutal murder uncovers dark family secrets in a small Southern California town, and soon no one is safe from someone who is most decidedly...Homicidal.

It's funny, everyone acknowledges how much Castle is aping Hitchcock here - there are even publicity photos that show Castle himself was in on that:

But the one thing no one seems to notice - apparently William Castle wouldn't have minded you thinking his movie was a true followup to Psycho - else why would the narrator of that short trailer above be doing an Alfred Hitchcock impression? William Castle would normally have narrated himself - plus Mr. and Mrs. America were well aware of what Hitchcock sounded like from him hosting Alfred Hitchcock Presents on TV for years by this point. Well played, William Castle!

In any case, I have Homicidal on DVD in a swell William Castle box set - and we could check it out any time - even tonight - if you're not afraid to come in to my lonely old house...in the dark...

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