Monday, November 11, 2013

Maniacal Movie Poster Monday #141!

The Last Woman on Earth  (American International Pictures, 1960)

This Roger Corman flick came about after he'd flown to Puerto Rico to shoot Creature from the Haunted Sea - as per usual, he got so far ahead he called home to Los Angeles and got screenwriter Robert Towne - later famous for writing Chinatown - to start a script for another movie - a post apocalyptic thriller -  and to fly to Puerto Rico too so they could knock the second movie out in the time scheduled for the first movie but left over! And Towne was being drafted not only to write the script for The Last Woman on Earth while travelling down - Corman was also saving money bringing in the writer and an actor - by having Towne play the second lead - under the name Edward Wain. Roger Corman rules the world!

Before I Hang  (Columbia Pictures, 1940)

I haven't seen this one - but I'd watch Boris Karloff hand washing dishes, so you know I want to!

Murphy's Law  (The Cannon Group Inc, 1986)

From the glory days of Cannon - when they were turning out a movie with Bronson, Chuck Norris, or Michael Dudikoff nearly every week - and I saw every damn one of them in the theater! This is a good one, with Bronson after the psycho destroying his life - with comic relief sidekick Kathleen Wilhoite handcuffed to him for a big chunk of the movie! Awesome!

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