Monday, September 10, 2012

Maniacal Movie Poster Monday #85!

Strange Confession  (Universal Studios, 1945)

They used to show the Lon Chaney Jr. Inner Sanctum movies sometimes on Saturday night's Chiller Theater when I was a kid,. but apparently this one wasn't in the package due to a controversy over some rights issues - this movie's plot seems to have been lifted from an earlier 1930's flick - and Universal shelved it after its initial theatrical run. The other five Inner Sanctum movies played, but this one didn't see the light of day again until the VHS release of all six movies in the 90's! I of course picked those up (and the subsequent DVD release - thanks, Universal - can I do anything else to keep you solvent?) and thought it was another cool little thriller - it's fun to see Chaney's face with no monster makeup involved sometimes!

Angels Die Hard  (New World Pictures, 1970)

Another biker flick I haven't seen - but how could I not want to? I mean, it features "chopper outlaws!...riding their hot throbbing machines to a brutal climax of violence!" Heh-heh-heh...they said "throbbing..."

And FYI - that Tom Baker is not our erstwhile Fourth Doctor Who - he's an American actor who passed away in 1982.

The Pearl of Death  (Universal Studios, 1944)

I love the 1940's Sherlock Holmes movies - but I haven't seen all of them - and this is one of the unseen ones. My assistant random poster picker was directed to name a genre, decade, or actor, and she chose the late great Rondo Hatton - so while his name isn't up there - his disctinctive face is - as well as his usual character name - The Creeper! Rondo Hatton FTW!

My thanks to Melissa Bradley of the always delightful Melissa's Imaginarium for assisting my random poster generation for this post!

And until next post, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. another 3 posters of movie I haven't seen or heard of. Just checked: none of the Inner Sanctum movies have been properly released in Europe...

    "Angels Die Hard" got two silly German titles:
    Die Rocker von der Boston Street = The Rockers From Boston Street & Hyänen der Nacht = Hyenas Of The Night :)

    1. Wow - I wonder what you would think of the Inner Sanctum movies? Very low budget, short (around an hour) and all star Chaney - my fave is Dead Man's Eyes!

      Those titles are hilarious! You really have to wonder sometimes what was being thought when these titles are created!

  2. Tipping my hat to you, Mr. Edwards. We make an excellent team.

    Rondo is a sadly under-appreciated star and you know, I do believe remember watching Pearl of Death with my Grandpa Bradley late one Saturday night. God I loved all those old Basil Rathbone Sherlock films.

    And you know, I love, LOVE the tagline for Angels Die Hard. Talk about blatant sexploitation. LOL Are the hot, throbbing machines the bikes or the women?

    1. We do indeed!

      He is - and as I perused his IMDB page to pick a flick for the above poster - I was surprised how far back his career went - he was unbilled in movies back through the 30's and into the silent era! He damn well should be better known!

      Yeah - they really knew to to hyper the bole back then! THROBBING!

  3. What a cool list of posters Craig. The Lon Chaney one is my favorite.

  4. BOy, they sure had strange yet interesting posters back then!


    1. They did indeed - and I'd hate for them to be lost to the sands of time, hence this regular department! Thanks for coming by!