Friday, April 20, 2012

A-Z Challenge 2012: R is for Random Stew!

It is the second year running, and I can think of no better idea in this April 2012 A-Z Blogging Challenge for the eighteenth letter of the alphabet than another visit to the least structured recurring department this blog produces...which means...yes...

R is for Random Stew!

Whatever I think of - goes in!

Let's see...how about some photographic proof that although we only get one at a time on The Big Screen - away from the theater they're friends to the end?

While we ponder that, I thought we might do a little reading to broaden our minds.

I haven't read this book but good golly do I want to!

Who remembers The Mommies?

After the success of the Pet Rock, there was a brief craze of trying to come up with the next completely useless thing to sell that might catch the public's fancy and make the creator a fast million - and my favorite was The Invisible Piranha:

Yes, it was a boxed kit containing this fishbowl, something that was supposed to contain the unseen fish, and a pretty funny instruction booklet.

One of my favorite TV shows from back in the day - for the brief time it was on, anyway...

The Pan-Am of its day, this CBS series had three stewardesses (before they were called flight attendants) and their various adventures flying hither and yon, with comedy and drama, but the comedy in greater proportion.

The show starred Kathryn Witt, Pat Klous...and *sigh* Connie Sellecca.

Left to right: Witt, Sellecca, Klous

The fourth member of the ensemble was their usual pilot - played by Howard Platt - who'd become a familiar face on TV as Hoppy - the Caucasian cop on Sanford and Son who just didn't get the jive talk.

Howard Platt and the ladies.

Apparently Howard Platt and Connie Sellecca were romantically involved back in those days! Yowza! Does John Tesh know this?

They got 19 episodes on the air before cancellation grounded them forever. Klous went on to replace Lauren Tewes on The Love Boat; and Connie Sellecca went on to live in my heart forever as Pam Davidson on The Greatest American Hero.

I recently posted a review of the novelization of the 80's horror classic Brain Damage - and an interview with the book's author - "Uncle" Bob Martin - who was known to us horror movie fans as the editor of Fangoria magazine in those days.

Well, one of my blog buddies - the awesome Kaijinu of Sticky Red: A Bodycount Compendium - that's a link, by the way - sent me a link to a piece of his art - depicting Brain Damage monster star Aylmer doing what he does best...check this out:

That is a beautiful piece of art, right there. And, just a side note - I've managed to get this in front of Uncle Bob - who liked it a lot - and Brain Damage film director Frank Henenlotter - who had this to say: "Oh, man, that's a beauty! Love it!!!"

And we shall wrap up this Random Stew meal with our usual dessert - cheesecake!

I give you the gorgeous Tanya Memme, looking a little
more risque than she does on Sell This House!

S soon as tomorrow there will be another post in the A-Z Challenge appearing here - I hope you'll come back for it! Until then, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. JAMES BOND....oh yeah. I still think Sean is the BEST EVER!

    I remember the Mommies! I was a mommie! I also remember Flying High and I loved Connie Sellecca in everything. She did a lot of TV movies back in the day.

    1. Connery is definitely one of my top 6 favorite Bonds!

      Yay Mommies! And it's cool you remember Flying High - which was a staple of my viewing for all 19 episodes!

  2. Random comment on a random post :)
    That Tanya memme pic is kinda fun and Kaijinu's Aylmer-drawing is just awesome!

    1. Kinda fun? That pics beats several weekends in my teen years...

      And yeah! Kaijinu's picture is fantastic!

  3. Oh wow that artwork is awesome. Sticky really has some great stuff.

    Flying High...never heard of the show, but I do remember Connie on Greatest American Hero and in Hotel.

    1. Doesn't he though?

      Yeah, Flying High came earlier - but Connie still looked fab!

  4. Tanya Memme...gotta remember that name, also WHOO! LOVE BOAT!

    oh and thanks for posting my pic. ^^; you're too much, mate.

    1. Remember her name for sure!

      Whoo! Love Boat! Anytime! Love that show!

      You're welcome - totally deserve it man! You're cool as hell!