Monday, April 25, 2011

The April 2011 A - Z Blogging Challenge - U is for Untamed Movie Posters!

It's Maniacal Movie Poster Monday #14!

It's time to get crazy, you know, buck wild as only the 1950's could, daddio! After all, The April 2011 A - Z Blogging Challenge is old enough to drink now! And booze might be in order if these three movies are triple featured together...not an unlikely proposition, since...

U is for Untamed Movie Posters!

Untamed Women  (United Artists, 1952)

Untamed Youth  (Warner Bros., 1957)

Untamed Mistress  (Howco Productions, 1956)

Here are those sidebars for easier viewing - it's always important to know what you're going to SEE!


Til next time, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. Well, good thing they had those sidebars. That pretty much sold the movie. LOL

  2. I think perhaps these are more frightening than the masked slasher flicks. "Which will be her mate, man or beast?" I can't imagine that poster showing in the Bible belt.

    So my question: Was it all sales and implication, or were the movies actually risque? And were they entertaining?

    Thanks for the unusual posters of unique films sure to be packed with ululation!

    u: U-turns

  3. Where do you find this stuff, Craig? It's amazing! Those posters are a hoot. The illustrations for Untamed Mistress look like kids story books of the era. Curious George, et al.

  4. Whew...those sound like some hot/untamed movies!

  5. Jennifer - yeah, as is often the case - the sidebar holds all the glory!

    Joe - I understand. I'm going to have to say a mix of implication and risque - it was a catchphrase for filmmakers such as these - sell the sizzle, not the steak!

    Luana - just more evidence of my misspent youth! Thank heaven for the interweb!

    Angela - They do! Thanks for stopping by!

    Sharon - Well, the posters certainly are!

  6. ...i SEE...haha...I'm out of puns.

  7. K - Actually, that wasn't bad at all, the way I SEE it...