Wednesday, March 4, 2015

February Watchlist!

Here's everything I watched in the month of February: (this does not include a lot that was watched with my wondrous wife Suze - just my own personal watchlist - although Suze may have watched some of this with me.)

Burn Notice: "Mind Games"  (Streaming - Netflix)

Midnight Chronicles  (DVD)

Batman  Chapter Four  (1943 serial)  (DVD)

Dagmar's Hot Pants, Inc.  (Streaming - Netflix)

Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: "Emissary"  (Streaming - Netflix)

The Day the Earth Moved  (DVD)

The Simpsons: "The Wreck of the Relationship"  (DVR - Recorded from Fox)

The Flash: "Plastique"  (DVR - Recorded from Fox)

Guns  (DVD)

Burn Notice: "No Good Deed"  (Streaming - Netflix)

The Slams  (DVR - Recorded from TCM)

Batman  Chapter Five  (1943 serial)  (DVD)

Here Comes Trouble  (VHS - recorded from TCM)

Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: "A Man Apart"  (Streaming - Netflix)

Seems Like Old Times  (DVR - Recorded from TCM)

The Simpsons: "Super Franchise Me"  (DVR - Recorded from Fox)

Gotham: "The Mask"  (DVR - Recorded from Fox)

Mixed Blood  (DVR - Recorded from TCM)

Burn Notice: "Square One"  (Streaming - Netflix)

Convict 762  (DVD)

Batman  Chapter Six  (1943 serial)  (DVD)

The Town That Dreaded Sundown  (2014)  (Streaming - Netflix)

Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: "Past Prologue"  (Streaming - Netflix)

Elvira's Movie Macabre: "The House That Screamed"  (DVD)

The Simpsons: "Opposites A-Frack"  (DVR - Recorded from Fox)

The Flash: "The Flash is Born"  (DVR - Recorded from Fox)

Lone Wolf and Cub - Sword of Vengeance  (Blu-Ray)

Burn Notice: "Enemy of My Enemy"  (Streaming - Netflix)

Until next post, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. A fun list and "The Flash is Born" was awesomesauce, but then, the whole series is amazing.

    1. I'm really enjoying the series - especially the nods to the 90's series - as that Flash - John Wesley Shipp - is a pal after our days working on Dawson's Creek together.