Monday, November 10, 2014

Maniacal Movie Poster Monday #189!

The Ape  (Monogram Pictures, 1940)

In the 1940's - Karloff kornered the market on playing kindly old scientists whose inventions and breakthroughs are used by bad guys. This got him going down that road - but he's not entirely on the side of the angels in this one - as he dresses up as an ape and kills for the spinal fluid he needs to restore the legs of the wheelchair-bound young woman who reminds him of his daughter. Hey - it's Karloff - it's only a smidge over an hour long - and it can be found on countless cheapie bargain DVD sets. Why haven't you seen this already?

Red Roses of Passion  (Haven International Pictures, 1966)
I know nothing about this flick - but a little reading reveals its got less nudity than one might expect - trying for a little stimulation while keeping the female cast in nothing more revealing than some see through lingerie. I'm not sure I would like my filth so clean, you know?

The Good Sisters  (Mystic Pictures, 2009)

Another movie I have no knowledge of - but I like Debbie Rochon, so I'd give this witch flick a whirl.

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  1. ...wait, why does Boris Karloff need to do his killings in an ape suit again?

    1. Well, the ape is "loose" so by running around in the ape's skin he keeps people away - they're afraid of course - and he can kill and the ape gets blamed. It all makes perfect sense - if you're a batcrap crazy medical researcher, that is...