Monday, December 9, 2013

Maniacal Movie Poster Monday #145!

The Thing with Two Heads  (American International Pictures, 1972)

This flick knows precisely how silly it is from the word go - and plays it well  - with the tongue firmly in the cheek throughout. The whole story is layed out in that blue box up top, and Grier and Milland work well not working well together - plus Chelsea Brown is both funny and beautiful as Rosey's lady.

Flaming Passion  (Warner Bros., 1923)

I think this silent melodrama got re-released in the crazy cautionary 30's as one of those expose' movies like Reefer Madness or Cocaine Fiends. Imagine going to see what you think is going to debauchery a go go - and it turns out to be a ten year old silent movie! Ha!

The Harder They Come  (New World Pictures, 1973)

Made in Jamiaca in 1972, this rough and raw indie flick casts reggae legend Jimmy Cliff as a young man trying to make it in the music business in Jamaica and falling into a life of crime. It's fairly essential cinema - especially for film buffs and fans of reggae music.

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