Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Night at the Movies 5/12/12!

Who cares what picture we see?

Without a doubt William Redfield would, so let's take a trip with him and this movie:

I've always loved this old fashioned science fiction adventure flick since I first saw it on TV as a kid. When the inventor of a wild new shrinking process is injured in an accident and left with a terminal and inoperable blood clot in his brain - it is decided to use his "not quite perfected" shrinking process to send a surgical team in to remove the clot - from the inside! It's got a cool cast, amazing special effects, and Raquel Welch!

In fact, Ms. Welch was a pretty important aspect of the movie - I mean, take a look at this teaser poster Fox had the gumption to send out:


Now that's what I call a teaser poster!

I have this one on DVD and we could be watching it tonight if you care to make the Fantastic Voyage over to my house!

Until next post, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. Makes me wish I was one of those antibodies. Though I am, as a rule, pro-bodies...

  2. Omg forget about Demi Moore in Striptease - Raquel Welch is the real deal. What a hot, hot woman. What an amazing teaser poster.

    Great movie, btw. Seen it countless times. They showed it on Austrian Television twice a year, at least! :)

    1. Yeah - she's in my Top Ten of All Time after this and One Million Years BC. Gorgeous woman then - and still is!!!!

      It's a movie that just works - I defy anyone (except George) to watch it and not get caught up in it. I'm pleased to hear it gets so much play in the Land of Harry!

  3. I loved this movie and have watched it several times. You know, I dare a movie studio to try and put out a teaser poster like that one today. I'd lead the righteous wave of fury. ;)

  4. The nations number one new pin-up indeed! The scene where the anti-body eats the guy freaked me out when I was a kid.

    - Maurice Mitchell
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