Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Night at the Movies 2/11/12!

Who cares what picture we see?

I have it on good authority that Martine Beswicke does - so we're going to choose this one...

As the trailer shows, this movie was originally titled:

I originally saw it under a different title, and because LGOOH doesn't scrimp - here's the poster for that title:

I really like this horror anthology a lot. In the town of Oldfield Tennessee, after a serial killer is executed for her crimes, a reporter goes to see the murderer's uncle - the town librarian - for insights into why the woman killed. Blessed be if Unk isn't played by Vincent Price, and he singlehandedly takes this movie up a notch or two instantly. The uncle advises it's the town, which has been awash in evil for more than a century. He then proceeds to tell her four nicely done short horror tales about the burg, each of which contains at least one cool actor. It's a very dark and nasty piece, and oh yes, there will be blood.

I have this one in the video vault ready to go anytime - even tonight - should you care to come by!

Until next post, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. Oh my God do I remember this one. Anything with Vincent Price is instant classic to me. I don't own this unfortunately, but there is a crazy cool vid store on the North Side called The Video Strip. Joe owns the joint and his dogs come to work with him. The selection is outrageously awesome and you can rent whole box sets for $3. Plus, they give away a free big bag of chips with 3 movie rentals. I want to own a store like this. Netflix sucks.

  2. MB - I miss those video stores a lot. I'm thrilled that Joe is keeping The Video Strip going! If I lived close I would be there so often he'd get sick of me in short order. I understand your feelings about Netflix, but wow, there are a lot of cool movies available on there...even this one...streaming...but you should still come watch it with me anyway!

  3. know them both but haven't seen them yet. My must-see-list is getting longer and longer :)

  4. MM - Just by one movie this time - unless you're compelled to see it twice under both titles... ;) Cheers!