Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday Night at the Movies 12/3/11!

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Who cares what picture we see?

I'd like to think Michael Bates would - ergo - we'll head to the cinematic spice rack for some...

Man, this is one hip and happening flick! You got two members of the Rat Pack; you've got one of the original stars of the incredibly long running Britcom Last of the Summer Wine; you've got action, comedy, songs, and drollery right in the middle of Swinging England, and it's all written by the older brother of the third incarnation of Doctor Who; plus direction by Richard Donner, who shows he could marshall a racially diverse duo through lighthearted action hijinks two decades before Lethal Weapon! And check out that awesome poster, with art by EC Comics and Mad Magazine's legendary Jack Davis! What more could anyone ask?

Funny I should ask, as this groovy movie shares shelf space in the video vault with its sequel and you know what that might mean - I think we should go one more time - because that will get us a...

Saturday Night at the Movies Double Feature!

Okay - this time out the shagadelic direction is by none other than Jerry Lewis - you get another great Jack Davis poster; you get your returning Rat Packers; you get cameos from Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, and it is once again written by the Third Doctor's bro, yo!

And now that we've completed the set here - these two sit side by side on DVD in the video vault, ready to get down and groovy anytime you might like to come see them - even tonight!

Until next post, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!

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