Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Why that's the least scary thing I've ever seen...aiiieee!!!

TenList Presents: 10 Great Silly Movie Monsters

1.) From Hell It Came! (1957)    A killer tree! I kid you not, it has an angry meanie face on it as it walks around Africa offing guys in sarongs!

The Tabonga - From Hell It Came
 No movie monster is too silly for a collectable figure though!

2.) The Lift (1983)    A killer elevator! Not the most mobile of movie monsters. Still, the ad line on the poster was a classic "For God's sake take the stairs!"

The Lift - The Lift

3.) The Mangler (1995)   Stephen King gives us a killer industrial laundry folding machine! Another one where you think "I'll just not go to that industrial laundry and I'll be fine." But in this case you would be wrong because it also moves around!

The Mangler - The Mangler

4.) Maximum Overdrive (1986)   And also from Mr. King: a killer soda machine! Oh sure, everyone remembers the trucks that come to life when the Earth goes through the mysterious comet's tail in space, but other machines also go evil and early on one unlucky man gets his thirst quenched forever when he tries for a refreshing beverage…   (***bonus points for being shot here in Wilmington NC***)

Killer soda machine - Maximum Overdrive

5.) Evil Bong (2006)   A killer bong! What else is there to say?

EeeBee - Evil Bong

6.) Killer Condom (1996)   Yes, I mean a lethal prophylactic. Safe sex my a**!   er...wait...not exactly what I meant...er...

Killer Condom - Killer Condom

7.) The Refrigerator (1992)   There are no flies on you if you guessed killer refrigerator! And this major appliance is not so much cold storage for perishables, but more of a doorway to Hell and sometime eater of mothers-in-law

The most obscure movie in this list - and no direct
pictures of the creature could I find. But here's what
appears to be the VHS box, and there is a refrigerator
on it...so...that must be it, right?

8.) Death Bed (1977)   Yes, it's the mattress and box springs combo that will give you a good night's sleep--forever!

Death Bed - Death Bed

9.) The Stuff (1985)   Killer dessert! It's white, fluffy, and low calorie! It also has a big secret that doesn't bode well for you after you eat it!

The Stuff - The Stuff

10.) The Gingerdead Man (2005)   Killer Cookie! Yes, seriously! And now I'll really scare you: Killer Cookie with the voice of Gary Busey!!!!!!

The Gingerdead Man - The Gingerdead Man

See you next blog--hope you're able to sleep after finding out what kind of horrors really lurk out there in the Big Wide World…until then, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. Hilarious! Killer Tree must have been a rip off from the Wizard of Oz. LOL. The only movie I've seen on your list was Maximum Overdrive. I remember the soda machine scene. Funny stuff. Wondering if the killer video tape from The Ring would make your list.

  2. Luana - you know, that Tabonga tree does kind of look like something from Wizard of Oz! The Ring videotape would make this list only if it climbed out of the VCR and either "bit" someone to death with its lid, or spewed out its tape and strangled them. That would make it silly enough. Maybe they should go for one more sequel and leave the creepy little girl out of it and make the tape do the work! Yeah!

  3. Love this list!

    On the flip side, I think the creatures of H.R. Pufnstuf were supposed to be winsome. And so they were, in a "soulless puppet came to life, ate your momma, put on her make-up, and now it lives in your closet" kind of way.

    Speaking of things coming to life, do you remember a movie where a cursed tiki turned killer when its wee little hula chain fell off? It was about 4" tall, but overpowered full grown adults, as cursed tikis are wont to do.

    And why must the curses always involve blood-letting, eh? Why not, "And if you break the rule, the [appliance/toy/food item/elected official] will come to life and while you are sleeping it will...tend your garden. Or cook breakfast. Possibly rotate your tires."

    Never works that way...

  4. LMAO I LOVE this list. I think I've seen every one of these, too. Killer Trees...made me think of the Ents in LOTR. The Tobanga looks like Treebeard.

    One of my non scary monsters would have to be The Blob. "Beware of the Blob...It leaps, it creeps, it slides, it glides..."

    I think the tape would make a better killer than the well girl. She was just annoying.

  5. MB - Wow! You're right! I never connected The Tobanga to Treebeard - maybe that was his adolescence! Beware of the Blob! And I agree about Welly McWelly - between a zillion Japanese incarnations and the American remakes - they ran that poor child into the ground - pun intended!

  6. LOL I MUST see this killer tree movie. Looks hilarious :)

    -The Lift was pretty ok, the remake 'Down' is a bit better.
    -Seen The Refrigerator a looong time ago and as far as I remember, I really liked it!
    -The Stuff is one of the silliest, yet most interesting and fascinating movie 'monsters' in history. Love it!

  7. Harry - I hope you can find From Hell It Came - I don't have a copy in the video vault, so no idea how hard it is to come by. With the death of local channels showing old movies like this, I haven't seen it in 20+ years. I'm with you on The Lift - ok - didn't know there was a remake - will see if I can find it! I haven't seen The Refrigerator at all - but I do have The Stuff on DVD - it is working its way up the To Watch pile!