Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

We've reached the end of another October - and it's Halloween again! I have spent the day with some family and horror movies - rounding out a solid month of scary viewing. We'll get to a list of what I watched soon -but Saturdays are a regular department here - so here is...

Saturday Night at the Movies 10/31/15!

Who cares what picture we see?

I do, dammit, and although it's been featured on this blog many times - it is the go to choice for tonight's viewing...

Here's everything horror related I watched from October 1st through today:

* = rewatched

The Veil: "Summer Heat"  (Boris Karloff)  (DVD)

The Norliss Tapes  (DVD)  *

Scream - The Series: "Pilot"  (DVR - recorded from MTV)

When a Stranger Calls  (1979)  (Blu-Ray)  *

American Horror Story Asylum: "Welcome to Briarwood"  (Streaming - Netflix)

Supernatural: "Scarecrow"  (Streaming - Netflix)

Tales from the Crypt: "Loved to Death"  (DVD)

Patrick  (1978)  (DVD)

Scream - The Series: "Hello, Emma"  (DVR - recorded from MTV)

Calling Dr. Death  (DVD)  *

Thriller: "The Prediction"  (DVD)

Among Friends  (DVD)

Scream - The Series: "Want to Play a Game?"  (DVR - recorded from MTV)

Stake Land  (Streaming - Netflix)

Tales from the Crypt: "Carrion Death"  (DVD)  *

Horrific  (DVD)

Scream - The Series: "Aftermath"  (DVR - recorded from MTV)

American Horror Story Asylum: "Tricks and Treats"  (Streaming - Netflix)

Zombie  (1979)  (Blu-Ray)  *

Scream Queens: "Haunted House"  (DVR - recorded from Fox)

Supernatural: "Faith"  (Streaming - Netflix)

The Walking Dead: "First Time Again"  (Live on AMC)

Severed  (DVD)

Thriller: "The Fatal Impulse"  (DVD)

The Hearse  (DVD)  *

Scream - The Series: "Exposed"  (DVR - recorded from MTV)

Hausu  (DVR - recorded from TCM)

Scream - The Series: "Betrayed"  (DVR - recorded from MTV)

Thirst  (1979)  (DVD)

Scream - The Series: "In the Trenches"  (DVR - recorded from MTV)

Cropsey  (Streaming - Netflix)

Scream - The Series: "Ghosts"  (DVR - recorded from MTV)

Visiting Hours  (Blu-Ray)  *

Scream - The Series: "The Dance"  (DVR - recorded from MTV)

Curse of the Devil  (DVD)

Scream - The Series: "Revelations"  (DVR - recorded from MTV)

Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers  (Producer's Cut)  (Blu-Ray)  *

The Walking Dead: "JSS"  (DVR - recorded from AMC)

The Beast Within  (Blu-Ray)  *

The Walking Dead: "Thank You"  (DVR - recorded from AMC)

Frankenstein  (1931)  (Blu-Ray)  *

Supernatural: "Route 666"  (Streaming - Netflix)

Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2  (DVD)

American Horror Story Asylum: "Nor'easter"  (Streaming - Netflix)

Survival of the Dead  (Blu-Ray)

Scream Queens: "Pumpkin Patch"  (DVR - recorded from Fox)

Splinter  (DVD)  *

Scream Queens: "Seven Minutes in Hell"  (DVR - recorded from Fox)

Lovers' Lane  (VHS)

The Hills Have Eyes  (1977)  (Blu-Ray)  *

The Hills Have Eyes 2  (1985)  (Blu-Ray)  *

Dead Silence  (Streaming - Netflix)  *

Would You Rather  (Streaming - Netflix)  *

Hellraiser  (1987)  (Blu-Ray)  *

Don't Look in the Basement  (Elvira's Movie Macabre)  (DVD)  *

I Spit on Your Grave  (2010)  (DVD)

Tales from the Crypt: "The Trap"  (DVD)

Curse of Chucky  (Streaming - Netflix)

Untraceable  (DVD)

Strange Behavior  (DVD)  *

ABCs of Death  (Streaming - Netflix)

The Midnight Meat Train  (Blu-Ray)

House of Wax  (1953)  (DVD)  *

Frankenstein 1970  (DVD)  *

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero  (Streaming - Netflix)

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein  (DVD)  *

Black Christmas  (2006)  (DVD)

Hope you had a great Halloween!

Until next post, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. Wow, that's a long list!

    I love John Carpenter's classic ♥

    Happy Halloween, Craig.

  2. That's a lot of horror. Hope you had a fun Halloween. :-)

  3. That's a great list Craig. Nice to see Don't Look in the Basement there (one of my favorites). Hope you had a great Halloween !

  4. I see you took a gander at MTV's Scream series! I just finished it myself and I thought it was pretty okay. What say you, friend?