Monday, August 10, 2015

Maniacal Movie Poster Monday #224!

Zombies on Broadway  (RKO Radio Pictures, 1945)

Watching Universal rake in money with Abbott and Costello all through the early 40's - RKO decided to try their hand at a movie like that. Unfortunately they only got Wally Brown and Alan Carney - who were definitely not Bud or Lou. Still, this flick does have Bela Lugosi, and consequently is probably Brown and Carney's best effort. That still ain't sayin' a whole lot though.

The 4-D Man  (Universal-International, 1959)

I always thought I'd seen this movie, but now I'm thinking it was The Projected Man. Now I need to see this one - it's got familiar faces Lansing and Meriwether starring - with a script co-written by Kolchak writer Cy Chermak and direction from The Blob's Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr.

Man-Thing  (Lionsgate Films, 2005)

In the light of their current success this one-off sort of starring Marvel's version of Swamp Thing from ten years ago must be a little embarrassing for them now. But. it was not the worst movie I've ever seen. However, instead of the shambling mucky man-monster this movie casts the character as an fairly evil force in a swamp about to be drained for dat ol' debbil rich guy construction. That does make the title a bit of a lie. I'd like to see a movie version of the actual character from the comics - and since you know who turned up in the tag scene of Guardians of the Galaxy - and he and Man-Thing have always been connected...maybe...?

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  1. Zombies on Broadway : I'd watch it for Bela Lugosi, alone.

    4D Man : The poster has completely made me want to see this flick!

    Man Thing : A movie version of the actual character from the comics would indeed be brilliant, but this seems interesting enough to watch at least once.

    Great posters as always, thank you for sharing them :)

    1. You'd be watching for Bela alone for sure. Brown and Carney are obnoxious. I'm with you - got to find me some 4-D Man to watch! And yes, the Man Thing movie is interesting enough to warrant a watch. Thanks for coming by as always!