Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pit Stop!

Georgia Peaches  (New World Television, 1980)

Before the Camera:

Tanya Tucker  (Hard Country)
Teri Nunn  (Thank God It's Friday)
Dirk Benedict  (Battlestar Galactica)
Sally Kirkland  (Big Bad Mama)
Lane Smith  (Red Dawn '84)
Dennis Patrick  (House of Dark Shadows)
Noble Willingham  (Blind Fury)
Bob Hannah  (Invasion USA)
Jerry Rushing  (Rottweiler)
Burton Gilliam  (Blazing Saddles)

Behind the Camera:

Directed by Daniel Haller

Produced by Roger Corman

Written by Mick Henderoth, Monte Stettin, and William Hjortsberg

Story by Mick Henderoth, Monte Stettin, and Lois Luger

Back in the day, if there was a hit movie in theaters – the next fall there would be at least one very similar TV show on one of the networks. And if that show ht big, usually there would be at least one attempt to replicate that hit on another network. (And the odds would be pretty good that the late great Glen Larson would be the creator of one of the TV shows. But I digress.) Star Wars --and-- Battlestar Galactica (ABC) --and-- Buck Rogers (NBC). Raiders of the Lost Ark --and-- Tales of the Gold Monkey (ABC) --and-- Bring ‘Em Back Alive-(CBS). Smokey and the Bandit --and-- Dukes of Hazzard-(CBS)--and-- Knight Rider-(NBC). Dukes was such a big hit for CBS there was another attempt to duplicate its success – on the same network! It seems Roger Corman decided this might be a good time to get into the television business, and partnered with the Columbia Broadcasting System to produce a pilot for another good ol’ boys and their souped up car vs the law show – only in this case they also borrowed a bit from Three’s Company and had two good ol’ girls teamed up with one guy and a souped up car.
Georgia Peaches, indeed.

Teri Nunn (later the lead singer of the pop group Berlin) plays Sue Ann Peach – owner and proprietor of The Georgia Peaches – a car repair garage. She and her boyfriend Dusty Tyree (Benedict) also run some shine on the side. Sue Ann’s sister Lorette (Tucker) has been off pursuing her dream of becoming a country western singer but has come home just in time to help Sue Ann and Dusty battle the evil Vivian Stark (Kirkland) who wants to buy the land the Georgia Peaches garage sits on for her own nefarious purposes – including drug running. After Stark frames the sisters and Dusty and gets them carted off to jail, Federal agent Randolph Dukane (surely meant to be DuQuesne – but maybe that’s a simplified spelling) (Smith) steps in and recruits the trio as off-the-book agents to help him get the goods on Stark and her partners Jarvis Wheeler (Willingham) and Wade Holt (Patrick). Much sneaking around and fast driving ensues.

I can't see how this could have gone over as a series - it's so similar to The Dukes of Hazzard it doesn't manage to scratch any itch Dukes missed - but then who could have ever thought there could be 3 CSI's, 4 Law and Order's, and 3 NCIS's all on at the same time? The main draws here are Benedict and the stuntwork - the ladies are cute - and wear some 70's TV sexy stuff - but their acting is not all that great. The bad guys are fun - and Smith brings some sparkle to his Fed role - so that helps too. In the end - it's weird watching a Corman movie like this which reeks of the drive-in but has no nudity or softcore sex scenes, but if you're a Dukes fan you'd probably enjoy this flick - and if you're into car chase movies it's also recommended. If you're not in either of those camps - this is probably one for you to miss.

Let's Get Out of Here ?

At about 21:56 Tanya Tucker throws in a "just" but definitely wants to leave the jailhouse.

Eye Candy ?

I usually have some pictures to illustrate - but there's not a lot to choose from on the interweb. I'm still giving it to Tanya Tucker, Teri Nunn, and Sally Kirkland - all in great early 80's TV fashion - welcome to the list, ladies!

Buddha Man's Capsule Review

Buddha Man says "The Georgia Peaches may not be a classic,
but it's not the pits, either!"

Thank you BM. Until next post, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. Nice, Craig, needless to say I've never heard of this. Most of these kinda TV movies never made it over here - unless they were a hit, then maybe they'd get a video release - so it's no surprise it doesn't ring any bells. Thanks for the brief history there though, always good to know! Great call on the endless variations of the same TV shows these days - I've no idea how people keep up with them, or even tell them apart when flicking around!

  2. Well, this did make it out on a triple feature "Corman Cars" DVD with a couple of other features - so you can still check it out sometime! I always appreciate you dropping by - don't be a stranger!

    1. Funnily enough, I am trying to get as many of those Corman multipacks as I can, they are usually great value!

      Thanks Craig - just been a hectic month since Halloween - settling in for hibernation now :-)