Monday, December 22, 2014

Maniacal Movie Poster Monday #195!

Since it's Christmas week - three posters for movies not usually remembered as Christmas movies - but they are...

Gremlins  (Warner Bros., 1984)

I haven't watched this in a while - but it's a very entertaining movie with one young man's Christmas present from his ne'er-do-well father tearing their world a new one - after the young man breaks the rules...

Die Hard  (20th Century Fox, 1988)

The poster doesn't mention it - but it's a Christmas party the terrorists invade - so Ho Ho Ho indeed - now he has a machine gun...

P2  (Summit Entertainment, 2007)

On Christmas Eve, a young woman leaves work to head out to a party - but a security guard in her office building is obsessed with her - and he chooses that night to strike...I thoroughly enjoyed this one - though it doesn't seem to be all that well loved in horror circles.

Until next post - on the day - you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. Have great one, thank you for a great year of magical posts that makes me say "hey there"... happy holidays!

    My Cards:

    Jeremy [Retro]

  2. Great selections ! The Gremlins poster always reminds me of those great clunky Warners clam shell VHS tapes from the 80's... Agreed on Die Hard, I was just talking to someone last week and we both agreed that no one remembers this as a Christmas movie - and it hasn't been on TV over the holidays either ! Incidentally, I once spoke to a Spanish girl in work about Die Hard, and she wasn't sure if she had seen it... so I described the film, to which she exclaimed: "Ah, The Glass Jungle !!" - which is what she grew up knowing Die Hard as... A title I kinda like !

    1. The Glass Jungle is a fantastic title! Thanks for the kind words!

    2. Strange, maybe it's just my hipster friends and the circles I move in, but it seems like Die Hard has become a MAJOR Christmas movie in the last five years, to the point that even the Lighthouse Cinema in Dublin included it in its Christmas selection of screenings this year... Now, one that gets even less attention as a christmas-set film is Lethal Weapon!

    3. That's awesome! Maybe some cable channel will start running Die Hard for 24 hours like TBS does with A Christmas Story! I didn't even remember a Christmas connection with Lethal Weapon!