Monday, September 23, 2013

Maniacal Movie Poster Monday #134!

Game Show Models  (Independent International, 1977)

I've never seen this softcore T+A movie that seems to offer the behind the scenes lives of thos attractive models on shows like The Price is Right and Let's Make a Deal. I would love to see it though!

Dracula and Son  (Quartet Films, Inc, 1979)

This French vampire farce was made in 1976 and took three years to make it to the US. I haven't seen it - and I've heard the American dubbing job takes a frothy French flick and ruins it - but given the chance I would be all over this - I mean, it's Christopher Lee, you know?

Godzilla vs Megalon  (Toho Studios, 1973)

Another foreign movie that took three years to make it to America - this one played theaters briefly before being snapped up by NBC - they took the full length movie, chopped it down to fit an hour (or maybe an hour and a half - it's been over 35 years and my memory is getting a little fuzzy) and even that reduction was chopped down further by adding some hosting segments from John Belushi in the Godzilla suit he wore on Saturday Night Live at one time or another. With that and commercials, it felt like we were watching an extended trailer for the movie...

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  1. I gotta say, just looking at the poster that Dracula film looks awful.

    1. I'm sure it would be - but it's Christopher Lee, man!

  2. Hi Craig - Vinegar Syndrome is bringing out Game Show Models on DVD later this year. Looks to be a must !!

  3. The history of America botching up Godzilla films is long. I've never heard of all these new versions until I got my first Godzilla book in 2001 which was a bit shocking. Here in Europe, we always got the original versions. Dubbing was bad and the titles often made no sense (Franeknstein was so popular at that time, the Germans often added Frankenstein to the title...), but there were gladly no cuts.