Monday, July 8, 2013

Maniacal Movie Poster Monday #123!

This is Let's Get Out of Here's 650th post!

4-D Man  (Universal International, 1959)

The man behind The Blob - Irvin Yeaworth - co-produced and directed his neat sci-fi flick that was a staple of my Saturday and Sunday afternoon movie watching in my childhood. Robert Lansing is a scientist who invents a process that allows a man to walk through walls. However, there's a side effect - each passage takes the subject into the fourth dimension (hence the title) and in there time is sped up - so the subject ages signifigantly with each pass through a wall. The scientist turns to crime - walking into vaults and such - but things get worse when he discovers he can suck the life force out of others - killing them - to regain his lost youth. The madman must be stopped!

A Force of One  (American Cinema Releasing, 1979)

I still haven't seen this early Chuck Norris romp - it's in the video vault though - but I did talk to James Whitmore Jr. about it when he was directing one of his myriad episodes of Dawson's Creek. He liked Chuck just fine - but the funniest thing he said was that Clu Gulager mumbles his lines so softly Whitmore never heard or understood a word he was saying - he just waited until Clu stopped speaking, then said his lines. Love that!

Hot Rod Hullabaloo  (Allied Artists Pictures, 1966)

Here's one I haven't seen - but I would have placed it ten or so years earlier - in the mid to late 1950's. Dig those crazy autos, daddio!

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  1. Is that Chuck Norris with his shirt off?! LOL

  2. Haven't seen any of them, but I (and you) have seen the other 4D Man: "The Amazing Transparent Man"! :D

  3. James Whitmore, Jr. one time member of the Black Sheep Squadron, one of my fave rerun shows growing up. These look interesting shall we say. Too bad TNT no longer does their 100% Weird. :)