Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday Night at the Movies 5/11/13!

Kiun interesas kion bildo ni vidas?

Kial ne William Shatner? Do ni elektu sian plej obskuraj flick!

That's right baby! I might be the only blogger in the world posting tonight in Esperanto! Might being the operative word! There are a lot of blogs out there...

I'd heard about this crazy movie way back when - and it always sounded interesting to me - so when I came across the DVD some years back - oh, yeah - you know that one was going into the video vault!

It's a somewhat slow and very moody movie about a brother and sister - and their strange experiences with demons and succubi.

The movie is certainly worth a watch - and a read - since every word spoken in it is in Esperanto! I wonder if William Shatner still speaks it? Someone ask him at the next convention you see him at!

How do you say "digression" in Esperanto? Oh yeah - "divagación."

Well, let's cut out the divagación - I could dig this DVD up and we could be watching one of the truly strangest movies of the 1960's in moments - if you care to come check it out with me - even tonight!

Ĝis sekva post, vi Povas Poke Min Kun Forko, Cause Mi Am Outta Ĉi tie!

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  1. Esperanto... Is there no end to your surprise talents? You've just earned even more cool points. ;)