Friday, May 31, 2013

Peter Cushing Poster Gallery Part 5!

The Peter Cushing Centennial Blogathon!

I wasn't even aware of this blogfest until my longtime pal Richard posted a link and asked if I was participating.

I'd blogged nearly every day in April doing an A-Z Challenge, and was in a slow mode posting, so my knee jerk reaction was no - and that's what I commented. Then, within the same minute - I commented again - and this time it was yes - after thinking about the fun I'd had celebrating Vincent Price's Centennial (cleverly called the Vincentennial) in May 2011. (That's a hint where to find those posts if you care to check them out - late May 2011. I don't think you'll be able to miss them due to the puns in the titles.)

Consequently I jumped in with both feet. I got the first two posts together - then started working on the third - Maniacal Movie Poster Monday - a celebration of the lovely art used to sell movies back before it became all Photoshop nonsense. I feature three posters each week - and I immediately realized it was going to be well-nigh impossible to boil Peter Cushing's entire amazing career - spanning almost fifty years - down to three movie posters.

Then it hit me - why three? Why not all of them? Every theatrical movie poster from his career. And let's make it 100 - one for every year of his centenary celebration. Initially I was going to do all 100 in that Monday post - but after putting about ten in - I knew that wasn't going to be feasible.

So, I broke it up - twenty posters seemed viable for each post - and that meant I had the other five posts covered.

And here we are - the last run through an epic cinematic journey. My thanks to Pierre over at Frankensteinia - The Frankenstein Blog - for putting this whole thing together - and running a hell of a blog himself.

My thanks to all the participants - the famous and the not-so-famous - we all share a love of Peter Cushing and I'm glad we all got together for this celebration.

And last but not least - thanks to Peter Cushing - and here's just some of the reasons why:

On to the posters!


We've run into a surprising wall here - I assumed some of the early posters would be unavailable online - and that everything after 1970 or so would be well represented. I was wrong.

1978 - stars Bud Cort and Mr. Cushing. Never released outside of Germany.
(Maybe that's why I can't find the poster - though that's the title card up there.)

I hoped that would be our one burble. Nope.

1979. Another very obscure movie. It stars
Oliver Reed and Mr. Cushing. It was also known
as A Touch of the Sun. It may not have been
released to theaters - possibly first appearing on
British television in 1996. (!)

Thankfully, we're back on track with the next movie.



aka Black Jack - 1981





And there you have it - Peter Cushing's film career in movie posters. However, that only got us to 90 - with the three placeholders - and I wanted a poster for every year of his centennial - so we're going for ten more - ten alternate versions of posters already seen.

In no particular order:

aka Night Creatures.

aka Nothing But the Night.

So that's 100.


...with those three placeholders, that's really only 97.

Only one thing to do...

aka Nothing But the Night.

And there's 100!

Thanks for coming by, this has been a hoot!

Until next post, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. Hooray Star Wars! I've seen Top Secret dozens of times but never recognized Cushing below.

  2. ...never recognized Cushing before. Word prediction kilns me.

  3. It's such a great scene in Top Secret because it not only features Cushing - but the biggest joke in the scene is a Peter Cushing joke, playing off all the iconic shots of his one eye showing as huge through a magnifying glass in the Frankenstein and Sherlock Holmes movies. That's just wonderful!

    And the way word prediction "kilns" you, I totally see what you mean! ;)

  4. "Castle of the Living Dead" might be my favorite of all the alternate titles to "Nothing But the Night" (might as well be called "Nothing To Do with the Actual Movie")

    And that "Fear of the Year" poster for "Dr. Terror's House of Horrors" looks like the loading screen for an 8-bit Nintendo game... which would have been awesome if it were.

    1. It is funny how many alternate titles (and posters) Nothing But the Night fielded!

      I agree about the Fear of the Year poster - it does look like one of those old loading screens! Would have been a hell of a game!

  5. Wonderful collection of posters. You can't go wrong with the Hammer and Amicus titles, but there's so much more to explore.

    1. Indeed there is - which is why those first four posts come in so handy! Thanks for coming by, Barry P!