Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Video Vault of Mora Tau 6/21/12!

Now it's time to get in trouble. And I don't mean just any trouble - I mean it's time to get in Double Trouble!

Back in the 80's, during the period when I first discovered the joys of girls - there was a TV show on NBC for a little while that had two of my favorites!

Okay, it wasn't Shakespeare - but it was a cute show. You had Donnelly Rhodes - who'd I first become aware of when he played the slightly dim Dutch on Soap. Here he played father to Kate and Allison, and boy were they a handful! In fact they were a double handful! Allie was the quiet and studious one; Kate was the wild and crazy one.

They were played by Liz and Jean Sagal, and though I didn't know it at the time - they are the sisters of Katey (Peg Bundy) Sagal, which means there's pretty much no one in the family I don't find attractive.

But we're here for some video clips. So let's get to them!

Here is the opening to the show.

Yeah, so dad Art ran a dance studio/gym, which allowed for a lot of leotards and tights...which was just right as far as this guy was concerned. Also, yes, that was Patricia Richardson from Home Improvement playing Art's girlfriend. I also enjoyed a guest spot from John P. Navin Jr. who played a nerd at the girls' school. He is better known as Cousin Eddie's son in the first National Lampoon's Vacation movie.

Here's a random clip showing more of the dancing...*sigh*

This version of the show only ran 9 episodes before disappearing off the schedule. It did come back though - but it had been retooled. Now the girls were in New York City attending college while living with their aunt (Barbara Barrie). They added two "Lenny and Squiggy" comedy guys who were actually pretty funny, and this version managed to go longer - lasting a whopping 15 episodes before the plug was pulled.

Here's a network promo for one of the second season shows - I think you get 7 seconds of footage, so watch carefully. And what's Chad Lowe doing here?

Here's another promo - which briefly shows the two goofy guys added to the second season. And again, what's with the random Chad Lowe?

A Sprite commercial with the girls...

And one last quickie promo for the show.

I really liked the girls - but both decided to take their fortunes away from the camera - Jean is an associate director/assistant director/director for a variety of sitcoms like Two and a Half Men and The Wizards of Waverly Place; Liz is a story editor for series like Charmed and Sons of Anarchy (which coincidentally stars sis Katey!) I'm sorry their acting careers only covered a dozen or so shows across 10 years or so - but I'm glad they've found fulfilling work in the business on their own terms.

But WOW, they were a big part of my 80's. I just adored them.

Until next post, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. Thank you! It's great to know I am not the only one who watched that show. I hated when they took the girls to NYC, that was such a cliched thing to do. Donnelly Rhodes was great. He most recently starred as the doctor on the retooled Battlestar Galactica.

    Sons of Anarchy is Katey's best work ever. Ever, ever, ever. Can you tell that's my most favorite show on television? LOL

    1. Yeah, I liked Rhodes as dad better than Barrie as auntie for sure. So the Kansas (?) episodes were better than the NYC episodes. Plus the earlier ones had more dancewear! But in the end, I'd have taken three or four seasons of the New York episodes if only they'd kept making them. I mean, a guy can dream, right?

    2. Yes, I wish they would have kept making episodes. It really was a good little show and I thought Liz and Jean were great. I think my BFF's Rick and Mike were crushing on them as well. I didn't care, I had my Johnny Depp. And incidentally, Liz was on an ep of 21 Jump Street. :)

  2. Craig, I do vaguely remember this show. Any show that featured twins catches my attention surprisingly enough. Nice "where are they now" piece too.

    1. Maurice - I can totally understand why a show about twins my catch your eye! Thanks for the kind words! Always a pleasure to see you!

  3. Being 14 years old and watching this show...good times.